Photos of Rumble
Updated 12/17/02, 12:32am

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The photos below give an idea of Rumble's size and appearance.


Please note how big Rumble is.  The most frequent error in sightings is to underestimate his size. Rumble is the size of a small deer or miniature pony.  When standing, the top of his ears would come to a man's waist.

Photos Showing Rumble's Size & Appearance

Note Rumble's size compared to woman and laptop

Note Rumble's size compare to 5'6" woman (32"inseam)

Note Rumble's appearance and size when lying down

Rumble from the front - May 2002
Note Rumble's appearance from the front,
then compare to the photo below taken in a different light
Note the white spot on his chest.
(Both photos taken around the same time)

Rumble from front - lighter appearance
Note how in a different light, Rumble appears much lighter
from the front than in the photo above this one.
Note the white spot on his chest.
Also, note that in this light, his eyes appear lighter than in the other photos.
(Both photos taken around the same time)

Rumble - 2002
Note how level Rumble's back is (doesn't slope like a German Shepherd's).
Note also the contrast of his white legs with his dark body and his dark, full tail.
Note that the white spot on his chest isn't visible from this angle.