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To save load time on other pages, photos we mention during our sightings reports will be maintained here.  The date of the report that mentions the photo is listed.  (Click on images to enlarge.)

8/30/02 - Rumble's "singing lesson" when he was a puppy

Rumble's sister Chili, his aunt Ever, and Rumble (note his "green ribbon" collar)

8/31/02 - Rumble's father "Raider"

There is definitely a family resemblance!

8/31/02 - Rumble's father "Raider"

Like father, like son

9/01/02 - Rumble's sister Chili giving him a kiss

Chili misses her brother tremendously.

9/02/02 - Area of 2-week-old unconfirmed sighting just reported

Red circle shows area of reported sighting. Green circle shows area of last known sighting. Rumble could have crossed the James River near Gladstone.

9/03/02 - Map of Tye River

Blue arrows point to Tye River. If Rumble follows it far enough north, he'll end up in his own front yard! Gladstone, where he may have crossed the James River, is circled. Home is near Crabtree Falls (also circled).

9/08/02 - Chili & Bita

Rumble's sister Chili (left) and Rumble's Mom Bita

9/12/02 - Rumble's Grandpa "London" (Bita's Dad)

Rumble comes by his size honestly. London is one of the largest Shilohs ever at 140 lbs.

9/14/02 - Close-up of Rumble's sister Chili

Chili hopes her brother will come home soon!

9/15/02 - Rumble's brother & littermate "Ranger"

Ranger has "tied a green ribbon for Rumble." Ranger, who lives in northern Virginia, proudly has a green ribbon tied to the back of his collar.

9/16/02 - Rumble's Mom "Bita"

Bita enjoying the Tye River on which Rumble grew up. The Tye River runs in front of our home.

9/18/02 - Black Dog and Yellow Dog (Strays)

Several sightings identified Black Dog as Rumble. At a distance, we weren't sure ourselves. Do you know who owns these dogs?

9/20/02 - Kali with Raider

Kali, 5 years old, whom we believe is our youngest "Rumble Helper." She is shown here with Rumble's Dad, Raider.

9/20/02 - The Kali and Raider Team!

Kali and Raider together displaying a "Watch for Rumble" sign. Kali and her Mom heard about Rumble, so they stopped by to pick up flyers to post and distribute.

9/22/02 - Rumble's Grandma Gypsy (Bita's Mom)

Gypsy has often been called the "Houdini" of the K9 world. She has quite a reputation for being an adventurer and for not staying anywhere she doesn't want to be. Rumble seems to have inherited her skills!

9/23/02 - Rumble's brother "Noah"

Rumble's brother "Noah" lives in Pennsylvania and his human Mom and Dad also own "London." (London is Rumble and Noah's Grandfather.)

9/29/02 - Rumble's sister "Chili"

Chili relaxing on her favorite spot on the couch

10/02/02 - Rumble's Canadian brother "Tangus"

Rumble's brother Tangus lives in Calgary, Canada where he helps his human Mom with therapy work.

10/09/02 - Rumble's Grandpa "Shep" & Grandma "Trinka"

A romantic picture of Rumble's paternal grandparents (Raider's parents).

10/10/02 - Rumble's brothers & sisters playing as small puppies

Rumble and all his brothers and sisters are notorious for how much they all love to play, which might help us tempt Rumble out of hiding.

10/11/02 - Not Rumble #1

First dog caught by our new game-tracking camera. The dog is big, but isn't Rumble.