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To save load time on other pages, photos we mention during our sightings reports will be maintained here.  The date of the report that mentions the photo is listed.  (Click on images to enlarge.)

10/11/02 - Map of Yogaville area

Yogaville, is in western Buckingham County near the James River. It's where Sandy and Sladie (the great dog-tracking team) positively identified Rumble in mid-August.

10/15/02 - Rumble's great aunt "Sharona"

Sharona is great howler and we hope to use her talents to help draw Rumble to us.

10/17/02 - Larry & Maxine with Rumble's dad, Raider

Larry and Maxine are new-found friends we've just met who are devoted to helping us find Rumble.

10/20/02 - Rumble's brother "Noah" wearing a green ribbon for Rumble

Noah lives in Pennsylvania. To us, it looks like Noah is trying to call his brother home.

10/21/02 - Rumble's grandfather "London" wearing a green ribbon for Rumble

London (Bita's dad) lives in Pennsylvania with his human family and with Rumble's brother "Noah." (London is one of the biggest Shilohs ever at 140 lbs.)

10/23/02 - Rumble's mom "Bita"

Rumble looks a lot like his mom. When folks think they've seen Rumble, it's helpful to show them Bita so they'll have a really good idea what he looks like.

10/24/02 - Front, left paw outline of Rumble's brother Ranger

This gives an idea of the size of Rumble's pawprints. Click on image to see actual size of Ranger's paw. Ranger and Rumble are brothers and littermates, and are about the same size. (Ranger's human Mom traced the edges of his paw with a felt-tip marker.)

11/02/02 - Rumble's grandma "Gypsy"

Gypsy (Bita's mom) has often been called the "Houdini" of the K9 world. She has quite a reputation for being an adventurer and for not staying anywhere she doesn't want to be. On more than one occasion, she has disappeared undetected from a seemingly impossible situation. Rumble seems to have inherited her skills!

11/06/02 - Rumble as a puppy

Rumble at 8-1/2 weeks.

11/14/02 - Have you seen Rumble?

This great banner was created by a friend of Rumble's and is displayed on Rumble's "With Gratitude" page.

11/20/02 - Rumble at one year

Rumble relaxing when he was about a year old.

11/21/02 - Rumble in the leaves

Rumble during this time of year almost exactly two years ago.

11/25/02 - Barbie & Shirley visit Rumble's family

Foreground: Chili. From left to right: Ever, Makeda (Ever's daughter), Bita, Barbie, & Shirley. Our guys loved them!

11/25/02 - Shirley (left) & Barbie (right) visit us

Bita (left) & Chili (right). Barbie used part of her vacation to search for Rumble. She is a true angel!

11/26/02 - Temple at Yogaville

The area of the LOTUS shrine where there were several Rumble sightings.

12/01/02 - Rumble -Christmas 2001

The only gift we want this year is to have Rumble home again.

12/02/02 - Rumble - Christmas 2001

Rumble opening his present. This photo was taken only moments after the previous photo!

12/06/02 - Rumble's First Snow

Rumble discovering snow as a puppy almost exactly two years ago.

12/10/02 - Green Ribbons for Rumble

Special thanks to Linda for making green ribbons for everyone who attended the CASSA sheepherding event.

12/10/02 - Green Ribbon Ornament

Special thanks to Cher from Canada who made ornaments for all dogs attending CASSA's sheepherding event - - and made one for Rumble too.

12/15/02 - Arvonia, VA

Arvonia (red star) is the location of a recent "questionable sighting." Yogaville, location of last known sighting, is shown with a red paw.