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To save load time on other pages, photos we mention during our sightings reports will be maintained here.  The date of the report that mentions the photo is shown.  (Click on images to enlarge.)

12/16/02 - Chili Testing Trap

Rumble's sister Chili entering the humane trap.

12/16/02 - Chili Looking for Kibble

Chili moving through humane trap to test it.

12/16/02 - Chili Approaching End of Trap

Our guys lined up to go through like it was a ride at a county fair!

12/23/02 - Our Humane Trap

The trap is in the center of the photo. This view is front-to-back.

12/23/02 - Humane Trap

Side view of our trap (center of photo) which is set up in our meadow.

12/23/02 - Side View of Our Humane Trap

Closer view.

12/24/02 - Christmas Greetings for Rumble

Deb in Virginia sent Rumble this greeting from her two horses, Tripper & Sam. (Dave is between them.)

1/01/03 (New Year's Day)

With memories of Rumble from last Christmas.

1/02/03 - Christmas 2000

Rumble as a 4-month-old puppy with his new Christmas gifts visible in the background.

1/03/03 - Rumble's Christmas Bone

Maxine and Larry, wonderful friends of Rumble whom we met in October, sent this gift to Rumble which we are keeping in a safe place until his return.

1/11/03 - Raider peeking over ridgeline

Rumble's dad Raider playing "Hide-and-Seek" with us and just barely peeking over the ridgeline near our house.

1/11/03 - Raider popping his head up

Raider popping his head up from behind the ridge after we called his name. It would be so easy for a dog to be aware of what's around him, yet remain camouflaged in the woods!

1/13/03 - Rumble's brother "Ranger"

Ranger is getting ready to jump for joy because of all the dogs on his brother's website that have been adopted!

1/13/03 - Rumble's brother "Ranger" in Northern Virginia

Ranger seems to be peering into the distance, looking for his brother Rumble.

1/27/03 - Uncle "Cutter"

Cutter, uncle to Chili's pups, waiting for the puppies to be born.

1/28/03 - Chili and Pups

Rumble's sister and littermate Chili with her new pups. (Pups are 6 days old.)

1/28/03 - Sleeping Pups

Six days old and purely adorable!

1/28/03 - Cute pup

So precious!

1/28/03 - Rumble's Little Nieces & Nephews

...Waiting to meet their uncle Rumble

2/02/03 - Ranger's Footprint

Rumble and Ranger were littermates and are almost the same size. Please watch for footprints like this! Thank you.

2/06/03 - Toby (formerly Trooper)

Toby has found his forever home with a wonderful couple from South Carolina! (He was our "Just in Case" Shepherd known as "Trooper.")