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Daily Sightings Reports

bullet 2/01/03 (Sat) - No new sightings.  Still more good news - - "Taffy" was finally adopted!  She makes the 39th "Just in Case" dog to find a forever home.  Thank you to the wonderful angel who adopted her!  We recently received a heartwarming email from a Friend of Rumble's in Virginia who was able to save a beautiful white Lab because of information she'd learned from Rumble's site on how to approach lost dogs.  We are so grateful to her for sharing this happy news with us, and are so heartened that Rumble's site has helped other lost dogs find their homes again, even if our own beloved boy is still missing.  This wonderful Friend of Rumble's used exactly the techniques that Debbie Hall has taught us all, and she describes the "lost-dog rescue" very clearly.  We all can learn from her real-life success story!  (To read her story which we've posted on Rumble's "Inspirational Stories" page, click here.)  This angel is the kind of person we dearly hope will find our Rumble!  She's a deeply caring person who took the time to use the right techniques and then she gave of her own time to find the owner and return the lost dog.  So many Friends of Rumble are "unsung heroes," so we wish to sing your praises here!  Thank you!!!

Rumble - May 2002

bullet 2/02/03 (Sun) - No new sightings.  With the relatively recent possible sighting of Rumble (see daily update report of 1/29/03), we'd like to ask you to particularly be on the look-out for Rumble, especially if you are in or near western Buckingham County.  If we had to guess, we'd say Rumble is either: 1) being held by a family who doesn't go on the internet much and doesn't know who Rumble is, or 2) traveling up and down the east side of the James River looking for a place to cross.  To help identify his whereabouts, the human mom of Ranger (Rumble's brother in Northern Virginia) recently got a photo of Ranger's footprint in the snow, which we've posted below and in Rumble's Scrapbook.  Rumble and Ranger were littermates and grew up to be almost the same size.  Also, if you're able to post another flyer at a place like a convenience store, that would be wonderful!  Many of our best tips have come from folks who saw flyers posted at convenience stores.  Or if you have a little spare time and could put flyers under mailbox flags, that would be great!!  (That may be the best way to reach people who don't have computers and don't get the paper.)  Click here for Rumble's "Lost Dog" flyer and click here for the "Watch for Rumble" flyer.  Thank you!
bullet 2/03/03 (Mon) - No new sightings.  Today we pause to reflect on the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy.  We extend our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of those who died.
bullet 2/04/03 (Tue) - No new sightings.  Good news - - Little "Tiramisu," the adorable Shepherd/Chow puppy has been adopted!  Please visit Rumble's "Just in Case" page - - it's got some wonderful dogs who just need a chance.  Speaking of the "Just in Case" page, we've decided to return to its original focus.  Dear, sweet Buttercup taught us that even when Friends of Rumble are willing to rescue and transport, we may not be able to help needy dogs in shelters in time because so many of us are at a great distance.  Because of the position we're in, we believe we can ultimately be of the best service by helping the rescue and humane organizations.  After all, if we can help them adopt their dogs, that frees up a space in the home of a foster parent for another shelter dog!  In honor of Buttercup, we will establish the "For Buttercup" link on the "Just in Case" page to help other Memphis dogs at risk.  That will be a much more meaningful tribute to her than a "Gone But Not Forgotten" page.  It is a way for Friends of Rumble to donate to the Responsible Animal Owners of Tennessee to help them defray costs of pulling dogs from the Memphis Animal Shelter and holding them until someone can foster, rescue, or adopt them.  In the future, most new dogs that we add to Rumble's "Just in Case" page will be from rescue organizations, particularly those who so generously feature links to Rumble's page from their page.  (Click here to see who these wonderful groups are!)  And of course, we'll always feature any dog you truly think might be Rumble and alert us to, "just in case...." 
bullet 2/05/03 (Wed) - No new sightings.  Today's update is purely joyous - - a puppy report with pictures!  Chili and her little ones are doing just great!!  The puppies are just starting to open their eyes. One little guy has found his howling voice.  He throws back his little head and just lets loose (like his big uncle Rumble).  It is absolutely adorable to see!  By the way, tomorrow we hope to have another heartwarming treat for you - - a very happy update on the "Just in Case" Shepherd we called "Trooper" (now called "Toby").  We received a delightful e-mail from his human mom today - - what a happy story!
bullet 2/06/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  We've got another happy update today.  This is the first-hand account of the adoption of "Trooper" (now known as "Toby") by a wonderful couple from South Carolina.  As you may recall, Trooper was the possible Shiloh Shepherd or mix in the Broward County Animal Shelter in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  An absolute angel who works in that shelter took it upon herself to email all over the country trying to find a forever home for this great fellow.  Thanks to the good folks at Virginia German Shepherd Rescue (VGSR), we were alerted to his plight and posted him as "Trooper" on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  Trooper was in luck!  The wonderful couple from South Carolina saw him on Rumble's page and adopted him!  Here is the email we received from the angel at the shelter describing the adoption:
"I just wanted to tell you that Trooper's new mom and dad picked him up bright and early Saturday morning. She was so happy and overwhelmed.  They kept on thanking ME..but it was THEM whom I am thankful to. For giving Trooper the home he so deserved. They drove 12 long hours, took time off of work to save this guy!  How awesome. They even took pictures of us all together with Troop.
Thank you again guys for all your help and going that extra mile!  We even had someone else from the Virginia area call us on Trooper to see if he was still available!"

And then we received the following wonderful email from Toby's new human mom:
"Greetings from South Carolina!  Thanks to your website we have been able to adopt Trooper, who was picked up as a stray in Fort Lauderdale.  We drove down Friday and brought him home Saturday.  He is a huge, gentle, curious puppy.  He is learning quickly and warmed up to us immediately.  He is going to be an excellent addition to our family.  We call him Toby. Thank you for helping make this happen and we pray for Rumble's safe recovery."

Toby's "trooping" days are over now that he's found his forever home.  See photos in Rumble's Scrapbook of Toby enjoying his new life.  Toby is finally home!
bullet 2/07/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  Great news!  Both "Daisy" and "Travis" have been adopted from the Memphis Animal Shelter!  In keeping with our renewed focus to support rescues and humane groups, particularly those who link to Rumble's page from their front page, we've added a cute little guy to Rumble's "Just in Case" page that no one would ever confuse with Rumble!  He's as opposite in color and size to Rumble as just about any dog we can imagine.  "Rocky" is a Bichon Frise/Jack Russell Terrier mix who is being fostered in Cincinnati, OH by Small Paws Rescue, a wonderful nationwide rescue group.  They have provided tremendous assistance to us, especially in the area of reaching out to the media, and we can't thank them enough.  We invite you to visit their site.  On another note, with all the snow we've just had here in Virginia, Rumble may be more visible.  Please keep an eye out for him and for large footprints.  See Rumble's Scrapbook to get an idea of what his footprints might look like in the snow.
bullet 2/08/03 (Sat) - No new sightings.  More good news!  "Rocky" has been adopted!  We are so grateful to the rescuers who have taken Rumble to heart and helped us in our efforts to find our boy.  Several have ventured a guess as to why rescue groups feel particularly drawn to Rumble.  They have said that it isn't so much Rumble himself, but rather what he symbolizes.  They say he represents a dog who is truly loved by his humans and whose humans are deeply committed to his well-being.  Rescuers are faced every day with the reality of sweet, trusting pets who have, through some human's twisted logic, become disposable.  Our rescue friends say Rumble represents the exact opposite of that.  The true root of the homeless pet problem goes even deeper than spaying/neutering and puppy mills.  At the core is the concept of commitment to the innocent life of a pet whose life is entrusted to you.  In return there is often a deeply loyal animal who would risk everything for you - - even if it means walking across a state trying to find his way home.... 
bullet 2/09/03 (Sun) - No new sightings.  Over the past several weeks, many people have expressed the thought that someone may have Rumble. Most recently we received this message:

"I don't know what your ultimate goal is. Is it to get Rumble back home for you to keep, or to know where his "forever" home is? It's possible that someone may have him, and not want to let you know for fear of having to give him up. I know if he showed up at our house, it would be hard to let him go. Perhaps if you spell out your goal on the website, you might get a response."

Here is our answer: More than anything we want to know that our boy is safe. If, in Rumble's journey across Virginia, he has found a family that loves him and cares about him and with whom he is happy, then we will be happy. The most important thing for us is to know that Rumble is OK and happy. The folks who take in, care for and love stray, abandoned and/or lost dogs are special angels. Our hope, first, is that Rumble is with just such a family and, second, that one day they will find out that Rumble has a family that is searching for him and wants, more than anything else, to know that he is OK.

bullet 2/10/03 (Mon) - No new sightings.  One of our friends recently wrote asking about the possibility that the two critters we periodically have been seeing might be coyotes. While we are not ruling it out, we think the likelihood is low for several reasons. The first sighting of these critters was in October by Debbie Hall, the lost dog expert who is helping us look for Rumble. Debbie has considerable experience with coyotes. She said that the two animals she saw were much too large to be coyotes. Coyotes, in size and shape, look like small German Shepherds, weighing between 20 and 40 pounds and ranging in height from 15 to 20 inches. The two animals she saw and the ones we, subsequently, have seen are much larger than this. Additionally, coyotes are generally lighter in color than the animals we have been seeing, although black coyotes are known to exist (click HERE for photos). It is possible that what we have been seeing are coyote hybrids, the offspring of a breeding between a coyote and a dog, which might account for the larger size of the animals we've seen.

We're still trying to get a good, close look at these two animals. They avoid anything having to do with human scent so we haven't had any luck yet with the game camera that we used in Yogaville in October. Debbie has given us some suggestions as to how to get around the human scent problem. Despite the cold weather dampening any scent of bait, it seems that human scent is pretty strong!

bullet 2/11/03 (Tue) - No new sightings.  We've received a lot of snow over the last two weeks in our area of Virginia. Some folks have written that they are worried about Rumble if he is out in the snow. Today we received this email from the human mom of one of Rumble's cousins, Logan:

"When I watch my Logan play in the snow, all I can do is wonder about Rumble. I bet he loves the snow. Logan would rather be in the snow than in the house, anyday. I have to make him come in. Here is a pic of Rumble's cousin, Logan, in the snow. I put on a green ribbon for Rumble, but, by the time we got this shot, he had taken it off and trashed it in the yard. I'll try again later. I think Logan looks very much like Rumble."

We agree with Logan' s mom. Logan looks a lot like Rumble. In fact, if we were to see Logan at a distance while we were looking for Rumble, we would think Logan was Rumble.  Logan's photo may be seen in Rumble's Scrapbook.

bullet 2/12/03 (Wed) - No new sightings.  Rumble's nieces and nephews are growing so fast. Their little eyes opened a week ago and, although wobbly, they're walking. A few photos taken recently are in Rumble's Scrapbook. We particularly enjoyed the upside down puppydoodle!  Chili is doing great. She's a super mom. We always knew she would be a wonderful mom as she was such an attentive baby sitter with other puppies. On warm days, we like for the puppies to get fresh air and sunshine in their play yard. To keep predators, e. g., hawks, from bothering the little doodleloos and to give the mom a needed break, Chili supervised outdoor activities. Now she has her own puppies and is thoroughly enjoying it. Her upside down puppy is showing the same goofy sense of humor as his Uncle Rumble.

2/13/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  We received a heartwarming email from someone who lives near Chester, VA, the area where Rumble first started his journey. The individual wanted us to know that she has been following Rumble's story since the beginning. Her email ended with "What a day for celebrating when I check your website to find you have Rumble home safe and sound." She also told us that she has a Cocker Spaniel, Rudy, who was 15 years old yesterday, and that she feels so blessed to have Rudy.

We've written much about lost and abandoned dogs and about the angels who work so hard and risk shattered hearts on a daily basis to save them. But the email from Rudy's mom was so filled with love that we want to recognize
all of the responsible dog owners who deeply love their dogs and would do anything for them, because their dogs truly are family members. Hearing someone tell us about their dog's 15th birthday made us want to give thanks to all of those who cherish their dogs and celebrate every wonderful day of their dogs' lives. So, Happy Birthday, Rudy, may you have many, many more!

bullet 2/14/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  Since June 28, when Rumble began his long walk home, we have received an outpouring of compassion and caring from around the world. When we set out on this unplanned journey, we decided that three principles would guide us in our efforts to keep our boy safe and get him home: we would do whatever it took to find Rumble, all energy surrounding our search must be positive, and something good had to come from our efforts. We will never stop searching for Rumble, but along the way and while we wait, we hope to help other lost and abandoned dogs and to celebrate the joy of dogs where ever we find it. Today, we want to thank all of you who care about our boy and all of the other lost dogs out there looking for their forever homes. Your kindness, your encouragement and your support are humbling. With Rumble in our hearts and prayers, these Valentine's Day roses in Rumble's Scrapbook are for you who journey with us.     

P. S.: Please remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so please don't be tempted to share your chocolate Valentine's Day treats with your furry best friend.

bullet 2/15/03 (Sat) - No new sightings.  Our newest "Just in Case" dog is Thor. Thor looks so much like some of Rumble's relatives that we had to take a second and then yet a third look at his photo. We were notified about Thor by Richmond (VA) Animal Shelter volunteer. The very caring volunteer who let us know about Thor describes him as follows:

"Thor is a long haired, male German Shepherd/Shiloh Shepherd that has swept me away. His personality is of a gentle young man. After a few minutes of bringing him out of his kennel, Thor (as he has been named by the shelter volunteers) calmed down quite well and thoroughly enjoyed the attention I was giving him. He loves to give kisses and to be brushed. He's about 2 years old, if even, and weighs nearly 80 pounds. Please spread the word about this wonderful dog. We can only hope that this "Prince" can find the castle that he so deserves."

To inquire about Thor, contact the Richmond Animal Shelter at 3540 N. Hopkins Rd. Richmond , VA 23224, Phone: (804) 646-8648.

bullet 2/16/03 (Sun) - No new sightings.  We've been told an exciting story of a dog rescue by a friend of ours who has been following Rumble's journey. She has two dogs, The Boyz, and yesterday managed to bring a lost dog to safety, her first rescue! She did it in a cold and driving Idaho rainstorm. Here's what she told us:

I had to write to you about my day yesterday as I had Rumble's website and what it says about catching a lost dog in my mind. I had just finished a bunch of errands. It was raining, and I was at the stop light of a busy intersection when two yellow dogs ran across the street, luckily making it through both lanes of traffic. I will never know how they made it.

I turned around in a gas station and went around the block trying to catch up with these two. Finally, I saw the dogs. I rolled down the windows so they could see and hear my dogs. I hopped out of the truck and, with treats in hand, I managed to get hold of them by their collars. One of the dogs pulled away from me, leaving me holding on to the other while trying to get back to my truck to get my phone and call the owners listed on the tag. The girl I had by the collar was very scared and tried to pull away from me to follow the other guy. Her collar came off in my hand!

I grabbed my phone and called the number on her tag. Her human mom answered and said, "Oh my gosh, you have her? We've been frantic!" I was like well…I have her collar. I told her what had happened and where I was and then continued after the dogs. I finally saw them and cut them off in a driveway. Holding the collar and a leash, I tossed a few treats toward them. I tried not to make eye contact. Crouching down, I was able to get close to the golden again. The other guy took off.

When the golden turned to follow I did something I probably would never had tried on any breed other than a golden. I grabbed her tail and soothingly assured her that she was okay. I got the leash around her neck, then her collar. I called the dog's mom on her cell phone to tell her where I was. By then, she and her husband were just around the corner and got to me quickly. The other dog, a male, was nowhere in sight. After helping them look for the other dog, I finally had to go home, because I was drenched. I'm not sure if they found him. I hope so!!!

But the moral of this story is: I have always been a little afraid to try to catch a lost dog because they always seem to bolt...and I couldn't stand it if I caused them to get hit. But the information on your website gave me the confidence to try this time, and I'm so glad I did. Who knows what might have happened to these two dogs. I had to write to tell you that Rumble was in my head the whole time.

We want to say "Great Job" for helping the Golden get to safety. We hope the Golden's buddy was found soon after.

bullet 2/17/03 (Mon) - No new sightings.  Last night we received a telephone call from a family in Conyers, Georgia (east of Atlanta). On Wednesday (2/12/03), a male dog showed up on their property. The dog does not belong to anyone in the family's neighborhood and, in fact, has never been seen in the area before. The family thought the dog (whom we're calling "Conyers") might be Rumble and so they called us. Fortunately, the family has a digital camera and was able to email photographs to us, which are on Rumble's "Found Friends" page. Conyers is not Rumble but certainly looks like he could be a Shiloh. Conyers is described as well socialized, housebroken and fun loving. The family has fallen in love with Conyers in the five short days he has been with them. But the family recognizes that he is someone's beloved pet. Conyers is in good shape and appears to be healthy. When he was found he was wearing a worn leather collar and dragging a red plastic tether with hooks on both ends. His height at the shoulder is between 28 and 30 inches. If you know anything about Conyers, please contact the Waters family in Conyers, Georgia. Their telephone number is 770-760-9176. The Waters love him, but want him to be reunited with his family. We would like to thank the Waters family for being alert to the possibility that Conyers may have been Rumble. We hope Rumble has been fortunate enough to find a family just like the Waters who will look out for him and keep him safe, while looking for his family.
bullet 2/18/03 (Tue) - No new sightings.  On Saturday we received Valentine's Day cards from the Redd Elementary School students, Rumble's very best friends. The cards were a better-than-chocolate Valentine's Day surprise! We hope the students at Redd had a super Valentine's Day. Their cards certainly made our weekend a great one! We love hearing from our friends at Redd. Their Valentine's Day greetings may be seen on Rumble's Redd Elementary School page.
bullet 2/19/03 (Wed) - No new sightings.  We have a friend who, for the last two to three months, has been working quietly and patiently to bring to safety a dog that has been running loose for over a year. She has been regularly providing food at a bait site and finally the dog has allowed her to be near him, but not close enough to touch. She has been able to observe the dog and has learned that in cold and wet weather, the dog beds down in deep leaves to keep warm. Even with the harsh weekend from which the East Coast is still digging out, she faithfully continued to put out food for the dog she has named Ace.

Our friend was worried that the terrible weather of this past weekend would be dangerous for Ace. And, of course, we worry so much about Rumble during extreme inclement weather and freezing temperatures. She wrote us today with the latest update on her efforts. What she wrote eased our minds about Rumble and about Ace and about the all the other dogs that are lost and looking for home. Below is what she said:

Sunday I went down when it was freezing rain - I was hoping sort of not to see Ace because I would like to think he had better shelter when the weather is bad instead of being under trees on top of leaves. But he was there in his pile of leaves as he was Monday and this morning. Part of my agonizing is that I think he must be cold as I think how I would feel sitting in wet clothes outside. However - yesterday (we had off from work) my husband took one of our dogs, a nine year old lab/shep mix out for a walk/swim. Yes - a swim. Our guy gets to swim quite often but this past month has been so cold we have just taken him on walks only. Well my husband took our boy for a walk and he wanted to go in the lake. My husband said he had a blast swimming. They walked home which was about a 2 mile walk and our guy's coat was covered in frost but it did not bother him in the least - he wanted to continue to play fetch in the yard. Dog's coats are truly repellent to the rough weather conditions. Our guy is a dog that sleeps underneath the covers at night so if the cold swim did not bother him, I know Rumble and Ace can endure much more as they have the shepherd coat. It did give me a peace of mind for a bit. I pray for Rumble's safe return as well as Ace surrendering to me.

We want to thank our friend for her comforting words and information. We know that Rumble's family members here love the cold and snow, but they've never been outside for extended periods of time in extreme weather. Hearing about our friend's dog and learning about Ace's methods for retaining body heat were heartening indeed. We also want to thank our friend for her devotion to helping Ace.

bullet 2/20/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  A friend who works at an animal shelter has requested that we urge folks to carry a leash or two in their car. She has been able to help get several dogs returned to their owners, but only because she carries leashes in her vehicle as a matter of practice. We also suggest carrying a little bit of kibble "just in case." So many folks have written saying that because of something they read on Rumble's site they have been able to catch a lost dog. As a result, we have decided to post the LostDogSearch Manual written by Debbie Hall, the expert upon whom we rely. The manual is a step-by-step guide that details what should be done when a dog is lost. Topics include First Response, Flyer Basics, Sightings and Sighting Calls, Search Coordination, Humane Traps and Tranquilizers, Approaching and Catching the Scared Dog, After-Rescue Care, and Prevention. We hope that this information will help everybody who is searching for a lost dog. We will post on the Sightings page whenever a section is added to the Manual.
bullet 2/21/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  We've got new photos of Rumble's nieces and nephews.  (See Rumble's Scrapbook.) The little guys are so friendly. Every time we go into their Puppy Palace they all come running for hugs, kisses and cuddles. There is one little escape artist, true to her Uncle Rumble and Grandmother Gypsy. Mom Chili gets so upset with her. She climbs the gate and then starts to wander into other rooms. Chili whines loudly and guards her, keeping her out of trouble and safe, until we come and return her to her brothers and sisters. We woke up the puppies for the photos, hence the yawning. The last photo is of Green Boy. He looks exactly like Rumble at the same age, white toes on all four feet and white heart on his chest. So, he wears a Green Ribbon for our lost boy.

2/22/03 (Sat) - No new sightings.  Today we have a warning for everybody who believes that their dog would never run away. Thursday evening, Noah, Rumble's brother was outside with his human mom and dad and his canine Grandfather, London. Noah's human parents were putting out apples for the deer because in Pennsylvania, where they live, the snowstorm of last weekend covered most of the deer population's food sources.

Suddenly, Noah bolted from his family into the woods. The deer were hungry enough that the apples drew them closer to the feeding source than normal. Noah, seeing the deer, bolted away from his family to pursue the deer. In no time, Noah was out of sight. His human mom and dad started calling for him and struggling through knee deep snow trying to find him. Finally, after about 30 minutes Noah's human dad found Noah and was holding him when Noah broke loose and took off again. But this time Noah headed straight for his human mom who had grabbed Noah's collar and started jingling it. When Noah heard the sound of his collar he ran toward it. His human mom, frantic with fear at this point, was able to hold Noah and get his collar back on him.

There are lessons in what happened Thursday night: First, no matter how much you trust your dog's training and attachment to you, the sight or smell of nearby wildlife can trigger ancient instincts that trump training and love. No amount of calling may be able to override the excitement of the chase. The lesson: unless in a fenced area, keep dogs leashed. Whether it be a squirrel, rabbit, cat, chipmunk or deer, a dog's instinct to approach or chase strange animals will trigger a flight response in the strange animal. This response, in turn, triggers the dog's prey drive, a potent instinct.

Second, if, despite all efforts to keep your dog secure, he or she still manages to get away from you, call him/her but also try to find something that will make a noise familiar to your dog and that is associated with something positive. Noah's human mom was smart. She knew that Noah associated his collar with car rides and "let's go." When we've had a dog get outside our fenced area, we've found that clanging two metal food bowls together gets instant results. Other tactics include using a phrase and tone of voice that evoke early memories of positive reinforcement and that are non-threatening.

For example, from birth we condition our puppies to come or follow us with the words "puppy, puppy, puppy" voiced in a low, sing-song tone. Recently, we received a cell phone call from someone who was looking at a German Shepherd running lose near a busy, major highway. The individual had tried just about everything with no luck. We suggested sitting on the ground and calling "puppy, puppy, puppy." As soon as the person did this, the dog ran straight into the person's open arms. Another tactic, recommended by Debbie Hall, is to start playing with another dog. Whether it's because the loose dog becomes jealous of the other dog or because dogs can't resist a play session, this approach to catching a dog is often successful.

Thankfully, the ending to Noah's adventure had a happy outcome for all, except maybe Noah. Once Noah was collared, London approached his grandson and, arching his neck, placed his head on Noah's neck and forced Noah to the ground, then London stood over Noah, making Noah stay on the ground. It seems that London was telling Noah his behavior was unacceptable! Photos of Noah and London may be seen in Rumble's Scrapbook.

Note:  Some wonderful friends of Rumble who were driving in Suitland, MD (Prince George's County) came across two lost dogs yesterday (2/21/03) at 7:30am which they asked us to publicize in case you know of their owners.  According to them, "one dog was a gorgeous tri-color hound dog (about the size of a lab/small shepherd with hound/beagle coloring) and the other was a black lab."  Unfortunately, they weren't able to catch them, but can provide information about what they saw.  If you know these dogs and would like additional details on this sighting, please call 410-693-1303.


2/23/03 (Sun) - No new sightings.  The other day a dear Friend of Rumble's from the Senior Canine Rescue Society (SCRS) in Alberta, Canada sent us the link to a wonderfully encouraging "Lost Dog" story which we'd like to share with you.  The story was published in the Placerville, California Mountain Democrat newspaper.  It is so uplifting!  It's the true story of "Taz," a senior, deaf Queensland Heeler who was found after a year of wandering.  Now that she's back home, the owner has been able to piece together where she was during the past year and how she survived.  Well worth reading!  And while you're at it, we'd like to encourage you to visit two senior dog rescue groups that have been so supportive of Rumble.  You're cordially invited to visit both the SCRS Foster Dogs page and the Senior Dog House and Rescue page in Bigfork, Montana.  Senior dogs are true treasures and can be wonderful additions to your family.  Taz's owner will vouch for that!


2/24/03 (Mon) - No new sightings.  The other day we received a wonderful story from a Friend of Rumble's in Virginia who also found that calling out "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy" worked when she lost her her dog many years ago.  She had owned her 4-month-old puppy "Nikki" only an hour when Nikki darted away into a snowy woods, so Nikki hadn't even been named yet.  In addition to calling those magic words, she also crouched down and didn't rush.  The amazing thing is that this occurred when she was still a girl living at home with her parents.  Somehow, even at that young age, she sensed the right thing to do.  To read all the details of this heartwarming (and instructive) story, please visit Rumble's "Inspirational Stories" page.  It would be wonderful if Rumble's path could take him to some equally wise young person today!


2/25/03 (Tue) - No new sightings.  We've received several more stories about dogs who had gotten lost (or loose) and were successfully recovered.  Ironically, two were about Siberian Huskies - - "Style" in Australia and "Kodi" in Virginia.  The third story was about a black German Shepherd in Maine.  We love these stories!  They are so encouraging and uplifting.  They also generously share knowledge about what has worked in recapturing a dog so we all might benefit.  We certainly see some patterns repeated.  All three used the technique of invoking some pastime the dog enjoyed:  for Style it was a car ride, for Kodi it was a walk, and for the black GSD it was playing with a stick.  This is the same approach Noah's mom used successfully last weekend when she jingled Noah's collar after he had slipped it (see update of 2/22/03).  [Noah lives in Pennsylvania and is Rumble's brother and littermate.]  Style's human mom also used another technique we've seen to be successful time and time again - - crouching down low and using patience.  How wonderful to share this valuable information with each other!  These are the kinds of things we learn, hoping to never need, but are so grateful to know if we do need them. 


2/26/03 (Wed) - No new sightings.  In the spirit of sharing important and valuable information, we'd like to take a moment to talk about a serious medical condition in dogs about which we feel all dog owners, particularly owners of large and deep-chested dogs, should be aware.  The condition is commonly called "bloat."  The technical name for bloat is "Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus" ("GDV").  We have read that bloat is the #2 killer of dogs, after cancer.  Fortunately there are things you can do to minimize the chances of bloat.  We believe every dog owner should be familiar with the symptoms since it can become lethal very quickly if the symptoms go unnoticed.  One of the most typical symptoms seems to be frequent (every 5-20 minutes) unproductive attempts to vomit.  However symptoms and circumstances can vary.  Things such as rapid eating, stress, elevated food bowls, and inadequate protein have all been found to contribute to bloat. To read a nutshell summary of what bloat is, which dogs are prone to it, symptoms, and what you can do to minimize the chance that your beloved friend will ever bloat, click here.  This site also contains a printable document you can leave with pet-sitters when you're away so they'll be better prepared too.  Forearmed with this knowledge, you just might save your furry friend's life some day! 


2/27/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  Today we received an email from a wonderful Friend of Rumble's in Virginia.  Their family's beloved Sheltie recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  All of us who have ever lost a pet can surely understand the pain, and we extend our deepest sympathy.  Despite the sadness, our friend's heart is full of love and caring.  In her words, "I can't imagine not having a dog. Since I've been reading about rescuing dogs (thanks to your website), I'd like to adopt a young adult Sheltie.  If you hear about any for adoption maybe by May or June, please keep me in mind."  What a wonderfully generous family!  There could be no better tribute to their departed friend than to save another dog's life and give it a home filled with love.  If you remember our Valentine's Day thoughts, one of our three guiding principles is that something good must come from our efforts.  It means so much to us when we learn of good things that occur because of our Rumble.


2/28/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  For obvious reasons, we spend a lot of time talking about dogs on Rumble's site - - after all, Rumble is a dog himself!  But we know that people become very attached to all types of pets.  Today we'd like to refer you to an excellent and unique website of a Friend of Rumble's, Exotic Pet Vet.Net.  This site has valuable information on exotic pets such as birds and reptiles.  All pets deserve the best of care, and this site includes some excellent information on exotic pets. 


LATEST  SIGHTING:  October 16th (report of 10/19/02)