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Daily Sightings Reports

bullet 1/01/03 (Wed, New Year's Day) - No new sightings.   Happy New Year to each of you!  We wish you every happiness, and we wish Rumble home.  This past year has had its trials, but there has been much goodness too.  For example, the following "Just in Case" dogs have all found forever homes: "Justice" | "Bridgett""Leopold" | "Oslo" | "Winston" | "Carmen" | "Max" | "Harley" | 3 Black Pups | "Hope & 3 Pups" | "Chief" | "Mistletoe"   We now would like to ask your help to find another very deserving dog a home.  "Missy," a German Shepherd in Delaware, is described as "friendly" and "good with children."  She is also described as "beautiful."  In fact, her coloring has some similarity to Rumble's.  Unfortunately no one has even looked at her, so her situation is now extremely urgent.  We checked the Delaware SPCA website, and it seems her adoption fee is only $10 because she has been spayed.  To read all about Missy, please visit Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  Let's work together to save this lovely girl!  We must work quickly.  And of course, we can't begin the new year without thinking of our boy.  Another picture of Rumble taken last Christmas is in Rumble's Scrapbook.

Rumble - May 2002

bullet 1/02/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  We'd like to share another holiday season photo of our boy with you (please see Rumble's Scrapbook).  This one was taken at Rumble's first Christmas in 2000 when he was only four months old.  You can see that he's still wearing his puppy color of green for his collar and his ears hadn't quite come up yet.  Rumble was thoroughly enjoying his new Christmas presents (visible in the background), but did pause long enough for us to snap this photo.  It is our sincere hope that we'll soon be posting photos of Rumble with his belated gifts from Christmas 2002.
bullet 1/03/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  As a follow-on to yesterday's posting, we'd like to share with you a photo of one of the special Christmas 2002 gifts to Rumble.  It's from wonderful Friends of Rumble, Maxine and Larry, who visited us on October 16th (see update of 10/17/02).  A super photo of them with Rumble's dad, Raider, can be seen on Page 2 of Rumble's Scrapbook.  Maxine and Larry sent a Christmas Bone for every single one of our guys!  Rumble's bone is being kept in a safe place and will be given to him upon his return, along with his other Christmas gifts.  We were going to take a photo of all the dogs getting their bones, but they got the bones and took off into the woods before we could push the button on the camera.  They absolutely loved the bones!  A picture of Rumble's Christmas Bone from Maxine and Larry is below and in Rumble's Scrapbook.   P.S. On a more serious note, if you know of anyone who can rescue sweet Missy (see Rumble's "Just in Case" page) in Delaware, please ask them to call Heather at (302) 856-6361 as soon as possible.  Her situation is extremely urgent, and it would be wonderful if we could work together to rescue her! 
bullet 1/04/03 (Sat) - No new sightings.  We have other wonderful news though!  A very special Friend of Rumble's (a veterinarian) in Winchendon, Massachusetts is part of North Star German Shepherd Rescue.  She read Rumble's report on Missy (see update of 1/01/03), and North Star German Shepherd Rescue has now rescued Missy!  We are deeply touched by such loving generosity.  Extra special thanks go to the foster parents who will provide loving care to Missy until she can find her forever home.  Thanks too to the angels in Delaware who pulled her from the shelter and are preparing her for her journey north.  Also warm thanks to Jude in Canada for alerting us to Missy's plight in the first place.  We would like to share with you below the heartwarming email we just received from our new friend at North Star German Shepherd Rescue.

I read your update where you mentioned Missy in DE. I want you to know that she was rescued today. Very soon she will be joining North Star German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Inc., in Massachusetts, in her new foster home! We are so excited to be able to help her! Her story is so heartbreaking and one can see even from that one photo that she is a sweet sweet girl. We have our new volunteer foster parents to thank for giving Missy the opportunity to find the perfect forever home! And also great thanks to the people involved in pulling her from the shelter, cleaning her up in a warm bath, and loving her till she goes to her new foster home. Anyone interested in adopting Missy may write to for an application. She will not be ready for adoption for several weeks, or as long as she needs to be ready, but we will start accepting applications immediately. Her temporary foster mom took more photos of her and sent them to us. Missy is a beautiful true bi-color purebred GSD!  Rumble, be well, and come home!

We will continue to feature Missy on Rumble's "Just in Case" page until someone can give this beautiful, sweet girl her forever home.

bullet 1/05/03 (Sun) - No new sightings.  A few days ago we were in Arvonia since we had received a report that Rumble might be in that area along Rt 15.  We looked all around but didn't see any sign of our boy.  While there, we also passed out flyers.  We stopped at a business to give them some flyers. The man in the office said that he had been following Rumble's saga.  He told us such an inspirational story, that we'd like to share it with you.

A few years ago, the man's mother and father lost their beloved German Shepherd, "Pluto," near their home in Arvonia.  They looked and looked but found no sign of Pluto. Then one day they received a call from West Virginia. The caller said that they had Pluto and read off all of the information on Pluto's collar. There was no doubt that the dog was Pluto. Before the owners could get to West Virginia, Pluto took off and they didn't hear anything else for a long time. Then they received a call from a woman in the Bent Creek area (Rt. 60 bridge crossing the James River). The woman had Pluto. Unfortunately, Pluto got away from the woman before the owners could get there. They drove up and down Bent Creek Rd. for hours calling to Pluto. Finally, he emerged from the forest. Pluto was very skinny and his foot pads were bruised and covered with sores, but he finally got to go home!  Pluto lived to a ripe old age with his "mom" and "dad."  The man who told us this story said, "Don't give up, you will find your boy." 

Pluto's saga extended over many months (at least as many as Rumble's).  It has been an incredible source of comfort and encouragement for us.  Maybe, it's not Rumble who was in Arvonia but instead Arvonia is where we had to go to get this wonderful story of hope, love, and persistence. To this day, nobody knows how Pluto got to West Virginia or how he got back except by walking.  We will add this story permanently to Rumble's "Inspirational Stories" page.

Something else we'd like to share with you is a lovely photo of Cheyenne in Virginia wearing green for Rumble.  She selected a green tag as a permanent reminder of Rumble.  Although Cheyenne is not directly related to Rumble, she's also a Shiloh Shepherd and shares some similarities.  Cheyenne's picture is below and on the "Green Ribbon Rumble Photos" page.

bullet 1/06/03 (Mon) - No new sightings.  Today we'd like to share with you what we consider to be quite a striking "Green Ribbon for Rumble" photo.  "Ty," a white Shiloh Shepherd in New York, is wearing a green ribbon, complete with tassel, for Rumble.  (See photo of Ty on the "Green Ribbon Photos for Rumble" page.  On a different subject, we've received word from a Friend of Rumble's in Texas that she has found a dog that she believes to be a Shiloh Shepherd.  Unfortunately, it's not our boy.  She's working on getting us a photo, but in the meantime, the description she sent us can be viewed on Rumble's "Found Friends" page in case you know of anyone else whose dog it might be.  Finally, we have two more "Just in Case" dogs that are in a terribly urgent situation.  They're brothers and are in the Memphis Animal Shelter.   (The same shelter that "Mistletoe" was in at Christmastime.)  Their "due out" date is Tuesday, January 7th (translation: they must be rescued by close of business on the 7th).  To view these guys and read the information we have on them, please click here.  It would be wonderful if someone could save them!  So many "angels" have stepped forward already, but maybe, just maybe there's someone out there who can give these fellows a chance.  Thank you.
bullet 1/07/03 (Tue) - No new sightings.  Today we received two new photos of lovely "Missy" who was rescued by North Star German Shepherd Rescue in Massachusetts.  The pictures were sent to us by Missy's wonderful new Foster Mom in Massachusetts and were taken by the nice folks who pulled her from the shelter in Delaware.  We are so grateful Missy was rescued, but she still needs to find her forever home.  The report we received says she's a sweet girl, good with children, housebroken, spayed, and is a beautiful bi-color, purebred German Shepherd.  For more information on Missy, please visit her update on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  Missy's new photos are on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.

Missy was very fortunate to be rescued.  We're dearly hoping for the same for the Two Brothers from Memphis.  Today is their "due out" day.  They must be rescued before 5pm today.  (The Shelter's hours today are posted as 10am-5pm.)  If any rescue organization can rescue them, we'll gladly feature them on Rumble's page until they find their forever homes.  Their photos are on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  Thank you. 

bullet 1/08/03 (Wed) - No new sightings.  We have wonderful news about the Two Brothers from Memphis!  They were adopted!!  We are overjoyed.  Somehow another angel stepped forward to help them.  You are truly wonderful.  Even some of you who weren't in a position to adopt them did what you could.  We heard from a loving, generous family from Idaho who called the Memphis Shelter today and offered to make a financial contribution to extend the time for these two guys, but instead they were greeted with the excellent news that the Two Brothers had been adopted!  Our latest "Just-in-Case" dog's write-up is very special and we invite you to read it and view her photo (click here).
bullet 1/09/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  We have lots of wonderful news today about Rumble's "Just in Case" friends!  "Akita," the lovely girl from the Memphis Shelter that we featured yesterday, has been adopted!  (She was the "miracle" girl on borrowed time.)  We also received a nice note from Amanda at The Humane Society for Seattle/King County telling us that "Gentle Ben" has been adopted!  And still more good news - - We received a lovely email from Judy of the Animal Trustees of Alleghany in Sparta, SC telling us three of "Gretta's" seven pups have been spoken for.  They're just 7 weeks old now, so maybe the other four pups will find loving homes soon too.  This is like Christmas in January!  We are truly hoping the good luck continues, because we've just added "Butterscotch," a stunning German Shepherd boy, to Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  Butterscotch's "due out" day is today.  If any rescue organization can save him, we'll gladly feature him on Rumble's site until he finds his forever home.  Thank you.
bullet 1/10/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  More great news!  An angel arrived just in time for "Butterscotch," and he's been adopted!  We feel so incredibly happy that so far every single one of Rumble's "Just in Case" friends has been saved!  Several still need to find their forever homes, but all are safe.  Today we'd like to share with you a lovely Green Ribbon photo of a very special girl.  This girl is a true beauty!  She's Rumble's sister and littermate "Gini" who lives in New York.  Gini (short for "Virginia") was named in honor of the state where she, Rumble, and their other brothers and sisters were born.  To see photos of all Rumble's brothers and sisters (born September 5, 2000), please click here.  Gini's picture is on the "Green Ribbons for Rumble" page.
bullet 1/11/03 (Sat) - No new sightings.  We had something happen at home yesterday that illustrated to us just how easy it would be for Rumble to camouflage himself in the woods.  Rumble's dad, Raider, was outside thoroughly enjoying the lovely day.  When we called for him to come in, he didn't want to come.  (Who could blame him?!)  We have a small embankment next to our house, and Raider proceeded to run around behind it to "hide."  We knew exactly where he had to be, yet we had totally lost sight of him - - or so we thought.  After carefully studying the ridge line of the embankment, we realized Raider was peeking at us over the top!  If the ridge line weren't so short and we hadn't known right where to look, we never would have seen him.  Because we wanted to share with you how easily a dog can appear hidden in the woods, we ran inside and grabbed our camera.  The first picture in Rumble's Scrapbook shows Raider just peeking over the ridge line.  The second photo was snapped immediately after we called to him, and he popped his head up to let us see him.  What this illustrated to us was how easy it is for a dog to camouflage himself by staying very still, yet be aware of everything going on around him.
bullet 1/12/03 (Sun) - No new sightings.  More good news!  We learned Rumble's "Just in Case" friend "Grizz" has been adopted!  Yesterday we came across a photo of a very handsome White Shepherd in a shelter in New Jersey.  Since he's wearing a green collar (almost as if for Rumble!), we couldn't pass him up!  Also, Rumble has White Shepherds in his background, so we felt an affinity for this fellow.  "Ernie" may be seen on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  We've been doing a lot of thinking, as have many of you, about how we can help reduce the root causes for homeless pets.  Certainly spaying and neutering are important.  However, it seems there are lots of intentionally-bred dogs that end up in shelters too.  For example, "Kobe's" sire won "Best of Breed" at Westminster in 1997, yet he was abandoned.  He seems like a wonderful dog and is purebred, but he still needs a forever home.  (Please give him a look!)  A recent article in Prevention1 magazine recommended three sources for getting a puppy:  (1) Responsible breeders, who, among other things, are "willing to take the puppy back if you are no longer able to keep it," (2) Rescue groups, and (3) Animal shelters.  Sounds like advice worth considering.  
1Prevention, "Pick the Perfect Puppy," February 2003, pp. 173-177.
bullet 1/13/03 (Mon) - No new sightings.  We've got good news again!  "Ernie," the White Shepherd we posted yesterday, has been adopted!  If Rumble were here, he'd jump for joy.  Instead, as you can see in the photo, his brother Ranger is preparing to jump for him.  In the second picture, Ranger seems to be peering into the distance, as if he's looking for his brother.  (Photos of Ranger are in Rumble's Scrapbook.)  We'd also like to mention that we've added "Wilton" (Border Collie mix) and "Emily" (Lab mix) to Rumble's "Lost Friends" page.  They've been missing since June 2000 and their human mom has been a supporter of Rumble's.  They disappeared from their yard in the Varina area east of Richmond.  They're both 9 years old now.  Please visit their page, study their photos, post their flyer, and contact their human family if you have any information at all on this "brother and sister" pair.  Their human mom is an excellent example of never giving up.  As Pam, a Friend of Rumble's once said to us, "One should never stop searching for a lost pet, because it will never stop searching for you."
bullet 1/14/03 (Tue) - No new sightings.  We're still getting glimpses of "those large somethings" that visit our property regularly (see update report of 12/14/02).  Rumble's human dad got a glimpse of them about a week ago, but we just can't get a really good look at them!  They certainly are being wily and wary.  We know they're too big to be coyotes.  Whatever they are, they seem to be here a lot.  Our guys are paying particular attention to the back of the fenced compound, so we'll focus our efforts there.  We've been talking with our lost dog expert, Debbie Hall to get advice.  We'll keep you posted!
bullet 1/15/03 (Wed) - No new sightings.  We've increased the "Tip Reward" to $500.  The tip reward will be awarded to anyone who provides a tip to us that leads directly to the safe recovery of Rumble.  No questions askedA Friend of Rumble's from New York recently wrote us and commented that money isn't everything - - perhaps someone has taken Rumble in and they have become attached to him themselves.  We absolutely agree money isn't everything!  In fact it counts for nothing compared to love. The reward in no way is intended to put a value on Rumble or a value on our love for him, both of which are priceless.  If someone has him and wants to keep him because they love him, we just wish they would contact us.  Right now our hearts are breaking.  Any suggestions anyone might have related to alternatives to a monetary reward for information about Rumble would be most appreciated.  At difficult times we take great comfort from the wonderful Friends of Rumble we've "met" over the past six months and their heartwarming support.  For example, "Cabo" (the Golden) and "Lucas" (the Shiloh) in Idaho are wearing lovely translucent green ribbons for Rumble!  (See photo below and on the "Green Ribbon Photos for Rumble" page.)
bullet 1/16/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  We've now set up the humane trap behind the back of our fenced compound, but no sign of the "large critters" yet (see update report of 12/14/02).  We're leaving both ends open in hopes of getting them used to it first.  Tuesday night we put out a whole plucked chicken from the grocery store, but it was still there yesterday morning.  Whatever is out there is very cautious.  We put the chicken out of sight of our guys but close enough that we could see it from the house.  We may need to move it further away (top of the ridge maybe).  We had snow Wednesday night (about an inch),  but we didn't see any tracks.  Our guys were calm most of the day, but early yesterday evening they started acting as if there were something outside. Their keen senses amaze us!  
bullet 1/17/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  We've got a tall order today!  A Friend of Rumble's from Virginia asked us to post three Shepherds from the Memphis Animal Shelter.  We've never posted three unrelated dogs in a single day before, but these three all have a "due out" day of Saturday, so there's no time to wait.  We've given them all names, since the shelter only assigns them numbers.  Their photos are below and on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  "Riley" is an extremely handsome fellow!  "Snowshoe" has coloring that melts our hearts since it has some similarity to Rumble.  "Taffy" is a truly beautiful girl.  We just know that together we can somehow manage to get these three adopted or rescued!  We haven't failed yet, and we don't want to let these three down.  Together we may be their best hope.  Thank you for whatever you can do.
bullet 1/18/03 (Sat) - No new sightings.  The other day a true Friend of Rumble's emailed us such a heartwarming story, we'd like to share it with you.  One night recently, the family's puppy bolted out of their vehicle when the car door was opened briefly.  The family searched for hours in the dark, but without luck.  They felt especially discouraged because they live near woods which made searching extra difficult.  They were also concerned because the pup is extremely shy and that made the challenge all the greater.  Finally, just before going to bed, the mom went outside one last time.  Miraculously she caught a glimpse of the puppy at the edge of the woods!  As the mom approached the pup, he retreated.  In the mom's words, "I remembered what you said and what is written on the website about how to approach a "found" dog.  I crouched down and didn't look at him and tried to sweet-talk him into coming near me.  He wouldn't.....but he didn't leave either." The mom then had the great idea to run into the house.  Another dog ran in with her - - and the puppy followed!  The puppy was safely home!!  The mom then tried to locate a collar for the pup since he no longer had his.  She went through her stash of things saved from past years.  She wrote us, "Guess what I found?  A GREEN collar.  I felt like the miracle of finding our puppy was a gift from Rumble."  It makes our hearts sing to know that Rumble is helping others.  It's especially wonderful when he can help someone who has been helping him. 

On another note, the three Shepherds we mentioned yesterday that are in the Memphis Animal Shelter have not yet been adopted.  Their "due out" day is today, and the time for adoptions ends at 2:45pm since it's Saturday.  If you can alert any rescue group who might be able to save them, that would be so good.  We'll gladly feature them on Rumble's "Just in Case" page until they find their forever homes if any rescue group can save them.  Thank you! 

bullet 1/18/03 (Sat) MID-DAY UPDATE - We have mixed news on the "Just in Case" dogs below.  Sadly, only four dogs were adopted totally from the Memphis Animal Shelter "strays" area (where these three are).  Two of the four were "Just in Case" dogs.  We're so glad to report that both "Riley" and "Snowshoe" have been adopted.  It is with great sadness that we must report "Taffy" was not.  She will be retained in the "due out" area until prior to the beginning of their next work day, which we believe is 1/21/03.  One of the four strays adopted today was a Lab with a "due out" date of 1/17/03, so we suppose it's possible that someone could still contact the Memphis Animal Shelter (901-362-5310) with word that they'd rescue Taffy, but we don't know.
bullet 1/19/03 (Sun) - No new sightings.  Today we'd like to recognize a brand-new Friend of Rumble's in Massachusetts.  She found Rumble's site just the other day when she was doing a web search because she had found a lost dog (a Chow) and was making every effort to reunite it with its family.  This wonderful lady is so special to us, even though we've never met her, because she routinely picks up unleashed dogs she sees wandering the streets "doing the lost dog shuffle" and makes every effort to return them home.  She wrote, "After looking at your site today I am reminded that there are heartbroken people and homesick pets."  On behalf of every owner who has lost their beloved pet and longs to find it, thank you!  And thanks to the many others of you who do the same - - We could have substituted you in this story just as well (for example, Joann in Virginia (see update of 12/31/01) or Rumble's new friend in the Hill Country of Texas (see update of 1/06/03)).  In the love of animals, none of us can save every animal, but if we each do little, together we can make a real difference. 
We've added one more "Just in Case" dog, "Buttercup," a German Shepherd or Shepherd mix.  Sylvia Cox (the saint who maintains the WebShots site in an effort to save the Memphis Animal Shelter pets) rarely comments on a dog, but she describes Buttercup as "nice-looking and sweet."  She sees hundreds of dogs every week, so Buttercup must be pretty special for her to be singled out by Sylvia.  Let's try to save Buttercup!  (Her "due out" date is 1/23/03.) 
bullet 1/20/03 (Mon) - No new sightings.  Since we don't know where Rumble is, we recognize that he could be living out in the woods somewhere.  As cold as it has been here in Virginia recently, we wanted to assure you that Rumble should be fine in the cold (at least at these temperatures).  He has a long, thick, soft coat, and the colder it gets, the thicker his coat will get.  Rumble's brothers and sisters are basically "inside" dogs (except for walks, playing outside, etc.), yet they love to be out in the cold for hours and hours.  They really seem to thrive on the cold!  It makes them frisky and energetic.  Whenever we start to worry about Rumble being out on a cold night, we try to remind ourselves how much our Shilohs love the cold and the outdoors.  Rumble grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia so he is more accustomed to cooler weather.  (He can withstand the heat too when necessary, as he demonstrated last summer when it got over 100F, but Rumble prefers cold to heat.)  Rumble will be just fine!  
bullet 1/21/03 (Tue) - No new sightings.  Several of you have written with some great suggestions on various types of (smelly) bait that might work well in our humane trap.  We received some antelope meat and have cooked that and put it out.  It was most "aromatic" while it was cooking.  We're worried about any scent carrying because of how cold it is where we live (single digits for several days).  We did find critter tracks (very large) in the snow, but they weren't near our food bait site.  We put some bait near the tracks Sunday afternoon, but the food was still there late yesterday.  These "large somethings" are very careful, but we're determined to get a good look at them yet!
On a more serious note, we don't know if there's still any chance for "Taffy."  Her only hope is probably if someone contacts the shelter (901-362-5310 - Reference Holding Cage: 538-90975) right away so there will be a message waiting for the employees when they arrive Tuesday morning.  We may not be able to save every "Just in Case" dog, but we'll try our best as long as there's a shred of hope.  Thank you.  

bullet 1/22/03 (Wed) - No new sightings.  We have neither good news nor bad news on "Taffy."  She hasn't been adopted and her due out date was the 18th, but she and all the other dogs that weren't adopted on the 18th are still being held in the "past due out" area.  It would really take a miracle to save her now, but miracles can happen.  We are supporters of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary "No More Homeless Pets" campaign and believe each one of us can make a difference.  To see how, click here
One advantage of sharing our plans with you is that so many of you come up with great ideas that we never even considered!  The other day a Friend of Rumble's described to us how her son would sometimes sit in their screened porch late at night and play his guitar.  She said that resulted in him "being visited by deer, dogs, cats, and heaven only knows what else."  She went on to say, "I wish you would try a LONG recording near your trap.  It just might draw whatever to you.  I think that music soothes animals as well."   What a great idea!  We'll try the meat first - - then the music.  

bullet 1/23/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  We have amazingly good news on "Taffy" - - she's been given a second chance for adoption!  Miraculously she was moved into the "Adoption" area at the shelter yesterday.  That buys her a little more time since dogs in the Adoption area usually have about two weeks, but there are no guarantees.  We're convinced you're the reason for her small miracle!  We know some of you called the Memphis Shelter, and we're guessing that made all the difference.  Thank you!  Now we just need to get her adopted or into Rescue.  Of greater urgency right now is "Buttercup," since her due out day is today.  The angel who maintains the WebShots page promoting the Memphis Animal Shelter dogs doesn't usually comment on a dog, but she made a point to say that Buttercup is "nice looking and sweet," and she sees hundreds of dogs every week.  That tells us Buttercup must be pretty special!  If you know of anyone who can help Buttercup, today is the day she must be saved.  Thank you.
P.S.  We have some very exciting news to share with you tomorrow - - We don't have all the information just yet!  (No, we haven't found Rumble, but this is very happy news for us of another kind.)  

bullet 1/23/03 (Thu) LATE-NIGHT UPDATE - We have sad new on "Buttercup."  No one saved this sweet girl.  We've emailed Sylvia Cox, the saint who voluntarily maintains the WebShots page featuring all the Memphis Shelter Dogs, and she replied that there isn't much hope now.  She said that if anyone wants to know if a particular dog is still OK, "You can call the shelter in the morning after they open and ask for the adoption window (where all the paperwork is, which is more important than the computer because they still 'live' by the paperwork), and ask if this dog is still there."  (The Shelter's number is 901-362-5310.)  We also learned that Memphis rescue folks belong to the Yahoo e-group at   Email may be sent to this group at     
On another topic, a Friend of Rumble's who is affiliated with Golden Town (Golden Retriever and Hospice) asked that we please post a request for one leg needed to drive two rescues to their new home.  The leg is on Sunday 1/26: Wytheville, VA - Roanoke, VA (78 miles). This will be an early run as the folks who are overnighting the 2 boys in Bristol, TN and are bringing the dogs to Wytheville, want to be in Wytheville by 7:00 or 7:30 AM. According to the post, both dogs ride well, are up-to-date on shots/neutered, get along with other dogs, and will easily fit in the back seat of a Honda Civic.  For information or to volunteer, please contact Jenny O'Brien at
bullet 1/24/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  We have such exciting news to share with you!  Rumble has just become an uncle for the very first time!  Rumble's beloved sister Chili has just had puppies!  In the midst of discouraging news, this is a true ray of sunshine for us.  Chili has already shown herself to be a wonderful mom and we're so proud of her.  Chili and all the pups (6 handsome little boys and 5 beautiful little girls) are wearing green for Rumble.  Mom and pups are doing great!   Photos are on the Green Ribbon Photos for Rumble page.   
bullet 1/25/03 (Sat) - No new sightings.  We're still on Cloud 9 over the arrival of Rumble's little nieces and nephews!  They are just the cutest little bundles of joy and Chili is such a great mom!!
On a more serious note, we are deeply touched that two Friends of Rumble posted yesterday on the Yahoo Group that rescue folks in Memphis belong to ( ) offering to save/foster "Buttercup."  Friends of Rumble are such an amazing group of wonderful, wonderful people linked by our love of animals.  We've been spending hours trying to get someone in Memphis to pull Buttercup and help to arrange for transport to Virginia, but so far we haven't had much luck.  We also pledged to pay her adoption fee.  Buttercup is past her "due date," so it may not even be possible to save her now, but we are so touched that Faye and Pettis both offered to save her.  You are true angels! 
bullet 1/26/03 (Sun) - No new sightings.  We've been hoping against all odds that today's news is a report we would never have to make - - we weren't able to save Buttercup.  Together we did everything possible.  Two Friends of Rumble in Virginia volunteered on 1/24/03 to save/foster Buttercup!  Several other friends of Rumble volunteered to help drive her from Memphis to Virginia.  One angel from New Jersey even volunteered to drive her the entire distance!  We (Rumble's family) pledged to pay her adoption fee.  Together, we truly did all we could do to save her, but no one in Memphis pulled her from the shelter in time, and that shelter requires adoptions in person.  On Saturday, a wonderful woman in Memphis physically went to the shelter and looked everywhere for Buttercup, but she was gone by then.  We've created a "Gone But Not Forgotten" page to remember Buttercup, and the link to that page will remain permanently at the bottom of Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  Not to raise false hopes, but there is the faintest hope that someone else may have adopted Buttercup on Friday.  The shelter's paperwork was so confused that they said Buttercup's holding cage number belonged to either a cat or an Akita (they weren't sure!).  We personally called the shelter Saturday morning and the lady at the Adoptions Window said someone had said they were going to adopt her on Friday, but she couldn't find any record if that happened.  So there's just the tiniest chance someone else has given her a home.   On a more hopeful note, we still have several "Just in Case" dogs that dearly need homes.  "Taffy" in Tennessee and "Trooper" (a beautiful new possible Shiloh or Shiloh mix) in Florida are in most urgent need.  Trooper, a brand-new "Just in Case" dog, sounds like a gem!  His photo is on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.
bullet 1/27/03 (Mon) - No new sightings.  We'd like to share with you a photo of "Cutter," one of the "uncles" of Chili's puppies.  The night the puppies were born, we were late feeding the dogs and they were so tired of waiting. Cutter's posture and demeanor reminded us of a relative waiting outside the delivery room for the new baby's arrival.  It's the same chair that Rumble liked to curl up in.  We'll never figure out how these huge guys can make themselves into such tiny little balls!  (Cutter's picture is below and in Rumble's Scrapbook.)  On a more serious note, we received a touching email from the Broward County Animal Control Shelter worker who's doing her very best to try to save "Trooper" who is featured on Rumble's "Just in Case" page.  She says he is truly a "great dog" and deserves a loving home.  The fact that she's going to this length for him says a lot.  The shelter says he's a Shiloh Shepherd or Shiloh mix, so he may even be distantly related to Rumble.  If anyone can rescue this gorgeous fellow, now would be a really good time.  Thank you.
bullet 1/28/03 (Tue) - No new sightings.  Today we'd like to share a photo of another wonderful dog wearing his green ribbon for Rumble.  The photo below and on the "Green Ribbon Photos for Rumble" page is of "Bear," a very handsome Shiloh Shepherd in New York.  We'd also like to take a moment to explain how the "Search" feature works on Rumble's site.  Just like the "big guys" (e.g., Google, Yahoo, etc.), we've got to "crawl" the site to re-index and update what the search feature can find.  We try to re-index at least once a week (usually Sundays).  If you've ever tried to search and haven't found what you're looking for, it's probably because the term was added after our last re-index.  In case you're curious, the most frequently searched term on Rumble's site is the word "sighting."  Second most popular is "Rumble."  Other popular terms have been "Yogaville," "slurry," and "green ribbon."  There have also been quite a few searches on the names of the "Just in Case" dogs.  Speaking of them, please, please give a careful and thoughtful look at both "Trooper" and "Clancy."  We don't have a known date by which Trooper must be adopted, but we know it's very soon.  Clancy must be adopted by today.  Please, can anyone help these fellows?  Thank you.
bullet 1/29/03 (Wed) - No new sightings.  We've had our first promising sighting report in a long time though!  We don't have enough information to actually consider it a "sighting" (but it could be!).  It occurred about three weeks ago in the Arvonia area, near the bridge that crosses the James River.  We've always thought that if someone doesn't have Rumble, then he probably is moving up and down the James River trying to find a place to cross and is likely hanging around the areas where there are bridges across the river.  Arvonia would be one of those places.  This is encouraging news indeed!  To celebrate, we'd like to share some more photos of Rumble's brand new little nieces and nephews on their 6th day.  Rumble's sis and best-friend-in-the-whole-world, Chili, is being such a great mom!  These pups are truly a ray of sunshine for us.  (Photos are below and in Rumble's Scrapbook.) 
bullet 1/30/03 (Thu) - No new sightings.  Today is the kind of day we love - - filled with happy news!  We are thrilled to report 10 (yes 10!) "Just in Case" dogs have found their forever homes.  "Trooper" in Fort Lauderdale, FL was adopted by Friends of Rumble in the Carolinas.  This family is truly wonderful!  "Clancy," whose "due out" date at the Memphis Shelter was actually Tuesday, was adopted yesterday.  Finally, "Gretta and 7 Pups" in South Carolina have all been adopted!  Actually, Gretta's foster mom has become so attached to Gretta, she's either going to keep her herself or place her with only a very special person!  Gretta's pups have all gone to wonderful new homes.  Yay!  To celebrate, we're going to share with you two super Green Ribbon photos of "Misty," a beautiful German Shepherd in Pennsylvania.  The photos are below and on the "Green Ribbons for Rumble" page. 
bullet 1/31/03 (Fri) - No new sightings.  More good news - - "Travis" was adopted!  He makes the 38th "Just in Case" dog to find a forever home. (That number doesn't include dogs that have made it out of shelters into rescue, but are still in need of a forever home.)  Now we really need to focus on two girls.  "Taffy" has just about used up her 2-week reprieve, so please, can someone help her?  We've also added "Daisy," whom Sylvia Cox (the saint who photographs the Memphis dogs every day) is pleading with someone to save because Daisy is so wonderful.  Surely someone can give this adorable, sweet girl a chance!  On a different subject, we have a special heartwarming treat for you today.  Kimba's human mom has written up the wonderful story of how Kimba was found.  It will tug at your heartstrings in a good way - - it's got a joyously happy ending!  It also includes a special message for probably everyone who visited Rumble's site while Kimba was lost. (Click here to read the story and the message.)  Every lost-dog-found story gives us even more hope for finding our Rumble!  And finally, we'd like to put in a plug for the great folks at "RAOT" (Responsible Animal Owners of Tennessee) that do so much to save the dogs in the Memphis shelter.  (Sylvia Cox is a RAOT volunteer.)  Tomorrow they're having an off-site adoption day for dogs from the Memphis Animal Shelter from 11am to 3pm at the Petco on Winchester in Memphis.  For details, please click here.  If you're within driving distance, how wonderful it would be for Friends of Rumble to turn out to support them!  Thank you.



LATEST  SIGHTING:  October 16th (report of 10/19/02)