Faces of the Islands - A new book by Willard C. Muller


Faces of the Islands - A new book by Willard C. Muller


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"This is a warm and thoughtful description of the first years of U.S. civilian administration of Truk -- part of the Caroline Islands -- after World War II.  Rather than dwell on the clash of cultures, Muller portrays the gentle Keti Sone (Kutu)adjustments of ancients traditions to more modern ways.  He and other young Americans, far from home, teach and yet learn themselves, press forward new ideals, yet understand the subtleties of the old -- all aimed at a better life for an island people.  It is an inspiring history of nation building."

Charles T. Cross
Ambassador of the United States of America (ret.)


"Willard Muller, first U.S. civilian District Administrator on Truk (now Chuuk) has produced, in the tradition of Arthur Grimble, an engagingly written account of his five years in Micronesia. This book will reward both the general reader and the area specialist. The author was clearly a culturally sensitive administrator who frequently traveled to even the most remote islands and villages of the District. The general reader, along with historians and other specialists, will appreciate the clarification he provides regarding many issues confronted in those early years of the Trust Territory government. They ranged from civilian-military rivalries, through political and economic development, to the importance of the cultural education provided U.S. administrators by the staff anthropologist."

William H. Alkire
Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus
University of Victoria


"In this fascinating memoir, Will Muller helps us see vividly the old Truk District in the middle Carolines. Along with many others, readers will meet the renowned Chief Petrus Mailo, and Tosiwo Nakayama, who was born on one of the smallest and most remote islands, yet grew up to become the first President of a new Pacific nation. It is fortunate for us all that we now have this record of that past era, for policy decisions and challenges that were faced then are today very much a part of the scene as the Micronesian people, with American and other foreign cooperation, steer their course into the 21st century."

Karen M. Peacock, PhD
Pacific Curator
University of Hawai'i Library


"Here is a graceful and warmly written account of Willard Muller's five years as District Administrator and American Consul in the middle Carolines. The author gathers you up and takes you right along with him as he and his staff work to understand, befriend and counsel the islanders in the effort to help enhance their lives. America's interests in the Pacific must continue to note the strategic importance of this entire area. Muller's work points us clearly in the direction and emphasizes our need to understand cultures other than our own."

Robert B. McClinton
Rear Admiral, USN (ret.)

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