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is a true legend among Shiloh Shepherds.  Considered to be one of the best representatives of the old, original lines, he is the "Gentle Giant" Shilohs were bred to be. 

London is one of the largest Shilohs ever at 140 pounds.  His huge size, combined with his extremely gentle, loving personality and his extraordinary intelligence, make him an ideal ambassador of the breed.


London with child


In addition to being a Champion Shiloh, London is also the ideal family companion.  His temperament is second to none.  The child in this photo is not a familiar face to London, yet London was as gentle with this child as if he'd know him his whole life.

London's incredible temperament is well-suited for visits to senior living centers also.  His visits have been a highlight for the residents.  Hugging the neck of such a large, gentle Shiloh has given enormous comfort to many.


London's appearance is at once noble and striking.  Without doubt, his incredible size is the first thing everyone notices about him.  Good size is desirable in a Shiloh, and London sets a high standard.  Few Shilohs have achieved his size.

In addition to sheer size and strength, London's appearance is gorgeous.  His body type is excellent.  London would not be the champion he is if he weren't such an excellent representative of the breed.

The rich coloring of London's coat is dark brown sable, one of the rarest colors for Shilohs.  His smooth coat harks back to his original German Shepherd roots.

London's family loves him first and foremost for his amazing temperament, but his stunning appearance cannot help but impress the judges!


NS abCH London Shoen Hirn Von Zion, CGC, ROM ("London")

NS abCH London Shoen Hirn Von Zion,

London was born December 4, 1992 and lived until July 10, 2004 - - over 11-1/2 years. 

Because London's human family recognized what an amazing Shiloh they had been graced to own, they felt honor-bound to preserve his legacy by saving his semen for the future.  Thanks to their foresight, the amazing London lives on again.


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