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If you have a Shiloh Shepherd or are considering getting one, you can trace your Shiloh's ancestry back to the first German Shepherd Dog here! 

How to find your Shiloh's ancestors

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Fun History!

   Trace Shiloh lineage back to the first registered German Shepherd Dog

    Find "Beowulf" in our Shilohs' family tree

   See how our Shilohs are related to these famous German Shepherds:

Rin Tin Tin     Bullet    Strongheart



Understanding Titles






Shiloh "Stars"


Highest ROM Ever

Highest Male ROM Ever

Highest Female ROM Ever

One of the Largest Shilohs Ever (140 Lbs)

Best PennHIP Rating (Left-.11; Right-.19)

1st Female Grand Victrix for 2 Straight Years

 1st Shiloh Outcross Ever

Best Shiloh Ever - - They're All Winners!



Old-Line Shiloh Shepherds

Thanks to the foresight of several individuals, frozen sperm has been saved on a few of the classic, old-line Shilohs.  This offers an incredible opportunity to reach back to the past while bringing only the very best forward.

We're particularly excited because we were fortunate enough to get a puppy ("Timber") sired by the frozen sperm of the legendary London.  London was a second-generation Shiloh Shepherd!  London embodied all the qualities we've wished for in a Shiloh, and our Timber is his son.

You can read more about London here:
London:  Shiloh Shepherd Legend

Timber's littermates:
Ava :: Bella :: Django :: Fog :: Gypsy River :: Juneau :: London :: Rae
See titles already earned by London's son, Fog!

Timber's half-sister (also sired by London's frozen sperm):

Another half-sister of Timber's is Sylvie.  It is with sadness that we report that London's daughter, Sylvie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was just three months short of her 15th birthday.




London and child





Our Shiloh Shepherds: Ranger, Misty, & Timber


Our Shiloh Shepherds

Our Shilohs (pictured at left) have included plush and smooth coats, bi-colors and sables, and several different color combinations.  We love them all!

Our Shilohs...

Their website:  Our Shiloh Shepherd






This information on our pet Shiloh Shepherds' family trees is shared with pride.  If you have a Shiloh Shepherd or are planning to get a Shiloh Shepherd, you may find it interesting and entertaining to trace your Shiloh's lineage too.  This information should never be used to assess the suitability of a breeding.  These are names only and tell nothing about the genetics involved. Because Shiloh Shepherds are a rare breed still under development, it is especially important to select a good and ethical breeder.  Visiting the kennel in person will tell you more about the breeder than any brochure or website.  The information and photos included are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Any question of accuracy regarding Ranger or Misty's pedigrees will be resolved as determined by Ranger and Misty's breeder.  Any question of accuracy regarding Timber's pedigree will be resolved as determined by Timber's breeder.




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