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"Reid Moore is the consummate professional.  I thought I was picky, but his preciseness on my window moldings was even more exacting than I'd have been."

"When the designer created a bedroom ceiling that would have looked really odd, Reid came up with an innovative way to work around it. We love his solution!"

"Reid immediately got a sense of my style and the things I like.  When he saw a place that the finish trim I like would have worked well, he suggested we incorporate it there too.  It looks great!"

"We were told that Reid's pricing would be fair, regardless of the competition, because that's just how Reid is.  Some builders will take advantage of you, especially once you're committed, but not Reid.  He's as fair as the day is long."

"Reid is from Forks, which means that guy knows how to build to protect against rain and water!  I couldn't believe the number of times that knowledge paid off for us.  I guess when you're from Forks, it's important to have a real understanding of the impact water can have on a structure."

"Not only is Reid the best, but he's managed to line up the best subs in the area too.  His electrician has got to be one of the nicest fellows on the Peninsula.  We had special wiring needs including under-cabinet lighting, speaker wires, and theater system surround-sound, etc. and he did everything perfectly.  He even came up with some great placement ideas we hadn't thought of." 

"Reid is so easy to work with!  I wanted to buy some things directly myself because I wanted to shop around for the best selection.  Reid had no problem with that whatsoever!  Saved us some money too."  

"What surprised me the most is the range of Reid's talents.  He did a superb job with things others might sub out, like installing all our cabinets and trim and installing our El Dorado Stone.  Not only was the work superb, but that saved us money."

"I was favorably impressed with the building inspector's reaction to the quality of Reid's work. Often folks dread inspections, but we never had a problem."

"Something I appreciate about Reid is that he's so easy to get along with.  I also appreciate how well he communicated with us.  It made the whole building process go so smoothly.  I'd recommend him to anyone as the best custom homebuilder in the area."

"Reid's not the supervisor-with-a-clipboard type.  When you hire Reid to build your house, you know it will be Reid doing the hands-on building himself.  If his name is going on a house, he's not going to just trust it to some hired crew." 

"We moved here from the East Coast and had heard that Moore Construction was the best builder in the area, so blocked our spot on Reid's calendar early on.  We're so glad we did!"