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Family Tree

Ranger and Misty's lineage. 
To trace their ancestry (with photos!) back into the 1800s to the first registered German Shepherd Dog, see Ranger's pedigree and Misty's pedigree .

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Raid the Wind's Olympic Ranger, CGC. A true gentle giant! Ranger is a beautiful bi-black and cream color.


NS Ch. Windsong's Midknight Raider. Ranger's sire and Misty's maternal grandsire.


NS Ch. Windsong Dance of the Bitasweet. Ranger's dam and Misty's maternal granddam.


Raid the Wind's Olympic Mist. A beauty at 6 months! Misty has rare gorgeous bi-black sable coloring.


Glorious Max A Million Boy CZ. Max adds new blood from his own impeccable lines.


Ch Ptd Raid the Wind Four Alarm Chili. Chili is Misty's dam and is also Ranger's littermate.

Shep & Trinka

GV (ab) Ch. Bionic Black Smoke of Zion, ROM & 2xGV abci Ch. Windsong's Katrinka D'Shiloh, ROM. Ranger's paternal grandparents and Misty's maternal great-grandparents.


NS abCh. London Shoen Hirn von Zion. Ranger's maternal grandsire and Misty's maternal great-grandsire. One of the biggest Shilohs ever at 140 lbs.


Ch. Ptd. Windsong's Gypsy Dancer of Zion. Ranger's maternal granddam and Misty's maternal great-granddam. Best PennHip rating of any Shiloh ever!


bChPtd Glorious Astra Lucky Star, CGC. Misty's paternal grandmother.


NS abCh CJ's Lobo Amado de Windsong, ROM, CGC, TD1. Misty's paternal great grandsire and Ranger's paternal uncle. One of the classics of the breed!


bCh Ptd India's Princess Jewel of Oasis, CGC, ROM. Misty's paternal granddam.