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Shiloh Shepherd Heritage

These "gentle giants" have mellow dispositions and are extremely intelligent. They are friendly and easy-going, but will also serve as loyal defenders.

Shilohs are an American rare breed. They were selectively bred over many generations to achieve the dog they are today.  Shiloh Shepherds are descended primarily from the old-style German Shepherd Dog.  In addition,  many years ago one Malamute-cross was also carefully researched and included for his outstanding qualities, resulting in the "MAW' line of Shilohs.  

Shiloh Shepherds are directly related to such classics as Rin Tin Tin, Bullet, and Strongheart.  Shilohs have a great temperament and are larger than most of today's German Shepherds. Their backs are level (not sloped), just like the old-style German Shepherds. Their coats can be either plush or smooth.

Whether Shilohs are "Show" or "Pet" quality, they're all winners!

Ranger and Misty are descended from some of the legends of the breed...   Trinka, London, Gypsy, Shep, Poca, Sasquatch, and so many more!


Legends of the breed


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