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We're honored to have earned your trust and praise over the years.  We appreciate that you think our work is both beautiful and functional.  For us, there is no higher compliment.

Here's a sampling of what you've said....


Miele onyx top we fabricated for a client's antique sideboard



"We have a very special antique sideboard, but the top had taken a lot of damage over the years.  We asked Quality in Counters to make a custom-shaped top for it, following all the little angles and indentations.   We know that type of work has to be done by hand.  You had done a great job on our countertops and fireplaces when we built our home, so we never considered anyone else.  We're absolutely thrilled with the results!"


"When we were getting ready to build, it seemed every time we turned around, someone was recommending Quality in Counters.   These weren't people that had anything to gain, they were just offering their opinions.  Now we're the same way!"


"Our kitchen countertops have so many angles that we were worried there might be a lot of material wasted.  You guys at Quality in Counters are geniuses in figuring out lay-outs, so we had hardly any waste at all.  That alone saved us a bundle."


"When we were shopping for countertops, our cabinet company suggested some big firm in the Seattle area that they're partnered with.  The price was OK, but we just weren't comfortable making a purchase that big through a middle man.  If there were problems, we'd have a layer between us and the source and probably a lot of finger-pointing.  That didn't give us a warm-and-fuzzy feeling, so that's one reason we picked you guys.  It paid off big time."


"I knew what I wanted, but my budget was pretty tight.  Fortunately, I wasn't in a rush, so there was time to shop around.  Thank heavens for Sue at Quality in Counters!  She's got an eagle eye for a good deal.  She has access to the insider discounts and sales at the stone warehouses, and found exactly what I wanted at a price I could afford.  Thanks Sue!"


Kitchen island in CaesarStone "Misty Carrera"

"Thank you Quality in Counters for steering us right!  We thought we wanted a certain material for our kitchen counters.  Fortunately, you good folks took the time to tell us the pros and cons of the various materials.  Based on our lifestyle, we would have been pretty unhappy with the material we thought we wanted.  We changed our choice, and what we picked works great for our family."


"You know what convinced me to go with you?  Other people's problem counters.  I remember one house we saw on Bell Hill where the granite counters had turned whitish near the kitchen sink and the lady didn't know why or what to do about it.  Another house had counters where you could feel ridges at the seams.  Another one had way too many seams.  I'd always ask "Who did your counters?"  Your name never came up with problems, so that's how I made my choice."


"We competed every subcontract in the construction of our house except for the countertops.  We didn't tell you that back then, but it's true.  We wanted quartz, and knew that stone fabrication is totally unforgiving.  You can't "shim" it if it doesn't fit quite right.  Our countertops are in high-use areas like our kitchen and bathrooms, and the last thing we needed was a daily frustration of something that wasn't done well.  So Quality in Counters was the only company we talked to.  If we had to do it again, we'd do the same thing."


"Thank you!  Everyone at Quality in Counters has been so nice and helpful.  You really listened to what we wanted and what we needed instead of trying to steer us toward something in particular.  Your design suggestions were excellent.  We're so glad we did what you recommended in our laundry room, instead of what we first planned.  You're really good at what you do!"


 "We picked out a stone slab we really liked, but it unfortunately had a flaw in it that caused a blow-out.  If we hadn't gone through Quality in Counters, we're not sure what would have happened!  Fortunately your shop guys have years of experience and are real experts.  They were able to repair the blow-out and make our slab look as good as new.  No one can even tell it's been repaired.  Thanks!"  


 "Just a short note to tell you how much we love the shower surround that you made for us.  Everyone who sees it says how beautiful it is!  We really like how easy the Staron is to keep clean.  Those grooves for water run-off work great!  We couldn't be more pleased!"


"You guys are the greatest!"


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