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Backsplash Options

Backsplashes provide the finishing touch to enhance and complement your beautiful new countertops.

From a practical point of view, they serve a valuable purpose by protecting your walls from splatters, splashes, and spills.  As an added bonus, they can be simply stunning!

At Quality in Counters, we offer several backsplash options for your consideration.


Custom backsplash
in "Green Crema Bordeaux" granite



Standard backsplash
in LG Viatera "Oahu" quartz



Standard backsplashes are several inches high and provide a gorgeous finishing touch to your countertops. 

By continuing the countertop material vertically, backsplashes add depth and beauty to your project. 

Standard backsplash in
Meganite "Wheat Mist" solid surface



Integrated backsplash in solid surface

Integrated backsplashes are a wonderful feature available only if you will be using solid surface materials. 

This is an upgrade option that provides you with the opportunity to have countertops that flow seamlessly into your backsplashes. This makes clean-ups a breeze and looks great too. 



With a Custom backsplash, we can bring your creative design to life! 

A custom backsplash affords even more protection for your walls, especially in cooking areas and near sinks. 

Some of our most popular custom options are to continue the backsplash up to the base of your hanging cabinets or to create a backsplash up to the window and then fabricate a matching sill.     

A custom  backsplash is generally fabricated from the same material as the countertops; however, you may wish to consider a contrasting color or material. 

The possibilities are endless!


Top & Far Left: Custom backsplashes in granite
Bottom: Custom backsplash in solid surface



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