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Marble & Other Stone


About Marble

Marble has always been considered a classic and elegant material.  For centuries, it has been the desired choice of kings and emperors, and with good reason. 

The subtle, yet opulent tones of marble's color palette speak of luxury.  Although perhaps best known for its whites, creams, and bisques, the range and depth of colors available will surprise and delight you! 

No two marble slabs are exactly the same, so you can be assured that your choice will be uniquely yours.










Appearance of Marble

Marble's appearance is veined, which gives it "movement" and creates visual interest.  The veining is relatively understated, which only adds to its intriguing allure.

The subtle and restrained spectrum of colors within a single piece of marble further enhances its aura of refinement.  Its rich depth conveys impeccable taste.

Because marble is formed from crystallized limestone, it can be polished to a brilliant, gleaming finish.  It can shine like a diamond. 

For those who prefer a matte appearance, marble is also available in a honed finish.







Considerations When Using Marble

  • Think of marble as a delicate beauty.  It's gorgeous, but requires tender loving care. 

  • It's relatively porous, but can resist staining if it's sealed.  It requires periodic resealing.

  • Marble is formed of calcium carbonate, so "etching" or "dulling" occurs where it comes in contact with acidic items (including many foods and household products). 

    • Sealing cannot prevent etching. 

    • Etching is usually permanent, unless the stone is professionally sanded and repolished.

    • Etching will not be as visible on honed marble since it has an evenly matte finish, but honed marble's lack of reflective properties means any stains will be more visible.

  • Marble is relatively soft so can be scratched somewhat easily.  (That's why it's so great for carving statues!)

    • White marbles are more scratch-resistant than colored marbles, but they will show stains more readily.

  • Marble is unparalleled in its ability to retain cold, but is not extremely heat-resistant.

  • Marble will add the ultimate touch of classic elegance and beauty to your home. 













Best Uses for Marble

Marble is frequently used as a fireplace surround and is inevitably stunning.  It is also ideal as a top for certain pieces of special furniture, such as a console or decorative side table. 

Although marble is not normally recommended for use in kitchens, a marble baking center is the exception.  Marble is the perennial favorite of bakers everywhere due to its unmatched ability to retain cold.  For those determined to have marble in their kitchens, honed marble is a more practical choice than polished marble since the effects of etching will be less noticeable.

Marble is also a good choice for an elegant room that doesn't experience heavy use, such as a powder room or a guest bath. 

Despite its limitations, marble has always been and still remains the premier choice for classic beauty.  There is simply nothing else quite like it.





Onyx and Other Stone

The marble family of stones includes other beauties such as limestone, travertine, and onyx. They were all formed from sediment under water millions of years ago, and their main component is calcium.  You may see a gorgeous slab of one of these stones in our partners' warehouses.  If so, please let us know! 

One of these stones may be the perfect answer for your project.



Sample of Verde Dark onyx
from Pental Granite & Marble





See Our Marble & Other Stone

To see the many choices of colors and patterns available to you, please click on the names of our partner suppliers below.  That will take you directly to their on-line marble and stone displays where you can view the patterns and colors they carry. 

Before making your final selection, we strongly encourage you to visit the warehouses in person because each slab is different.  Samples provide a general representation only.  We recommend that you bring your paint color chip, cabinet door, etc., so you can be sure the piece you select will integrate well with its planned surroundings.

A word of warning - - there are so many great choices, you'll have a hard time deciding!



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