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Special Features


Special features which we craft to your specifications can add both flair and function to your home or business.

The opportunities for special features are limited only by your imagination.  If you can dream it, we can probably make it!  Your designs can use any of the materials we offer.

For example, a client wanted us to create a fireplace mantel, hearth, and surround entirely from black granite.  The effect is stunning and sophisticated.  It provides the unique and defining quality he sought.    

We realize this sort of custom design assistance and fabrication isn't typically offered because it takes more time, but we want you to be happy with every detail.  At Quality in Counters, we've got lots of experience working with our clients to develop creative solutions, and we'd be pleased to help you make yours a reality!



Fireplace mantel, hearth, and surround in Black Galaxy granite
Custom granite fireplace mantel surround, and hearth
Black Galaxy granite



Solid surface dual-color countertops with custom plant ledge
Solid surface dual-color countertops
with custom matching corner plant ledge




If you're using solid surface materials, you'll have lots of creative options because solid surface can be formed in so many ways.  Would you like a dual-color effect?  That's easy to do with solid surface! 

In this example, one of our clients wanted to combine a lovely ivory color with a white accent.  The effect is stunning! 

She also wanted to maximize the use of her corner sink space by adding a built-in plant ledge to match her countertops exactly.  She now has a kitchen that's been customized to her personal preferences. 






One client requested a built-in kitchen mini-table.  This is a great idea that can serve multiple purposes! 

It can function as an attractive and handy prep station which doesn't require that you stand on your feet for an extended time.  It's also the perfect location for a quick snack.  If you have small children, it would be a great place for them to do coloring or other projects while you cook.  You could use this for your own crafts too.  Clean-up would be a breeze!

If you have a clever idea of your own, we'd be happy to help you realize it.



Mini built-in kitchen table with granite surface
Mini built-in kitchen "table" with granite surface

Quartz pedestal bases for cabinetry

Custom pedestal base for cabinetry on countertop
CaesarStone "Caramel" quartz

Here's another example of a custom feature that a client designed and asked us to fabricate for her.  She wanted to create a "fireplace" effect around her kitchen cooktop with her cabinetry, but needed our help to achieve her vision. 

To avoid possible moisture damage to the bottom cabinetry from spills and countertop cleaning, she did not want the cabinetry sitting directly on the countertop.  To solve the problem, she designed quartz pedestals with ogee edges which we fabricated for her.  She is thrilled with them and says they are as beautiful as they are functional.    

If you have a custom special feature in mind, we can help you achieve your design ideas!




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