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About Granite

Granite is a stunning material that will add beauty, value, and drama to your home. It has a richness of depth that appears luminescent and seems almost three-dimensional. 

Granite was formed millions of years ago by molten stones deep within the earth.  This process yields the crystalline, granular structure for which granite is named. 

No two granite slabs are exactly the same, so you can be assured that your choice will be uniquely yours.










Appearance of Granite

Granite's appearance is generally either veined or pebbled, and it comes in every imaginable color that Nature offers.

Veined granite has what is often referred to as "movement," which adds excitement to its appearance. 

Pebbled granite has a calm and tranquil speckled appearance, providing a fairly consistent look throughout.

The top photo is an example of a veined granite.  The bottom photo is an example of a pebbled granite.

Granite is available in both polished and honed finishes.  Polished finishes are highly reflective whereas honed finishes have a matte appearance.  Because a polished finish best reflects the depth and color of granite, it is usually preferred.





Considerations When Using Granite

  • Because granite is a very dense igneous stone formed from molten magma, it's extremely resistant to heat and scratching. 

  • With proper precautions, granite can be resistant to staining.  To maintain the resistance, it requires periodic resealing.

  • Several varieties of granite (particularly some blacks) are especially resistant to staining.

  • Polished granite is a bit easier to clean and maintain than honed granite.

  • Granite is considered to be one of the most hygienic countertop materials available.

  • The visual texture and luminescent appearance of granite will not fade over time.

  • Granite will add value to your home and is considered a definite "plus" by most homebuyers.










We fabricated this countertop and backsplash
from Horizon Beige granite

Best Uses for Granite

Granite is an excellent choice for many applications, both indoors and out.  It is frequently selected for use in kitchens and baths.  It's also a great choice for outdoor cooking areas. 

Stunning fireplace surrounds can be fabricated from granite.  They function well and guarantee dramatic beauty.

Year after year, granite remains one of our most popular and enduring choices.











Caring for granite

There are several basics to keep in mind...

  • Blot up spills & splatters immediately.  A sealant buys you time, but granite can stain.

  • Use coasters & saucers.  Particularly under glasses and cups containing alcohol, juices, coffee, and tea.

  • Use a cutting board.  Even though granite is very hard, it can be scratched.  Also, granite's hardness can damage your knife blades.

  • Use a trivet or hot pad.  Stone can be affected by sudden temperature changes.  Also, certain hot surfaces (particularly some metals) can transfer color. 

  • Sealing.  We use a top-of-the-line sealer to give your granite maximum protection, but your granite will need periodic resealing.  Check with us regarding your particular project since frequency of resealing depends on several factors, such as the type of granite you select and how you'll be using your granite.

  • Clean regularly.  A sponge and water work well for daily clean-ups.  If you use a soap, pick one that's pH neutral.  Using a granite cleaner weekly should be sufficient.  Granite polishes can really make your countertops shine.  Dust and buff using a soft cloth.  Avoid anything harsh or abrasive.   

  • Stone care recommendations.   Although we have provided general guidelines, here are official recommendations from the Marble Institute of America (which also represents granite):  Natural Stone Care & Cleaning

With proper care, your granite will remain as stunning as the day it's installed!


Pictured above: Green Crema Bordeaux granite




See Our Granites

To see the many choices of colors and patterns available to you,  please click on the names of our partner suppliers below.  That will take you directly to their on-line granite displays where you can view the patterns and colors they carry. 

Before making your final selection, we strongly encourage you to visit the granite warehouses in person because each granite slab is different.  Samples provide a general representation only.  We recommend that you bring your paint color chip, cabinet door, etc., so you can be sure the piece you select will integrate well with its planned surroundings.

A word of warning - - there are so many great choices, you'll have a hard time deciding!



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