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Solid Surface


About Solid Surface

Of all the materials available, solid surface is probably the most versatile.  It is functional, durable, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, hygienic, and repairable.  It also offers some very environmentally-conscious choices.

The term "solid surface" refers to the fact that the colors and characteristics run throughout the material.  Solid surface is the only material capable of creating virtually seamless transitions.  Another unique advantage of solid surface is that if any damage does occur, it can usually be easily buffed out.     

At Quality in Counters, we use only acrylic solid surface materials.   There are polyester products on the market, but unfortunately they are easily scratched and broken. 







Appearance of Solid Surface

Solid surface materials are available in a broad range of designer colors, from lovely muted shades to bright carnival hues.  Some even look like concrete, granite, marble, or quartz.  The many choices will amaze and impress you! 

One of the most desirable features of solid surface is its ability to offer virtually seamless transitions.  This means no visible seams where two pieces are joined.

Another special feature is the ability to seamlessly integrate solid surface sinks and backsplashes.  Having no grout lines to clean or maintain is a real plus!

If you would like an integrated sink, solid surface sinks in several coordinating colors are available.  Or if you prefer a standard sink, it can be whatever style you choose, including undermount or vessel.  The choice is yours!




Considerations When Using Solid Surface

  • Solid surface is non-porous so it's highly resistant to staining.

  • It is considered to be one of the most hygienic countertop materials available.  This is due to both its non-porous nature and its ability for seamless integration.

  • Solid surface is resistant to heat. 

  • It doesn't require sealing.

  • Acrylic solid surfaces aren't affected by ultraviolet rays and won't fade over time.

  • It isn't as resistant to scratches as granite or quartz, but most scratches can be easily sanded and buffed out by a trained technician.

  • Surfaces with a gloss or semi-gloss finish and dark colors may require more maintenance than matte finishes and light colors.

  • Because solid surface can be formed in ways that other materials can't, it offers the possibility for a number of creative applications.









Best Uses for Solid Surface

Solid surface performs well as countertops, bars, table tops, vanities, wall surfaces, shower surrounds, tub decks, laboratory surfaces, etc.  It is intended for indoor use.

Due to the wonderful ability of solid surface to be  shaped and thermoformed, it can be crafted into complex designs and dramatic shapes.  Different colors can be combined, custom designs and logos can be inlaid, drain channels can be routed for shower seats and sink drainboards, and so much more!

Whenever seamless installation is a priority, solid surface is a great choice.  For this reason, it's often selected for baths.

Because of its hygienic nature and its ability to discourage bacteria, solid surface is frequently selected by clinics and hospitals.  It works equally well in homes and commercial settings.


Caring for solid surface

There are several basics to keep in mind...

  • Use a cutting board.  Always use a cutting board.

  • Use a trivet.  Trivets with rubber feet or hot pads should be used when placing hot objects or heat-producing appliances on solid surface countertops. 

  • Blot up spills & splatters.  Solid surface is quite stain-resistant and never needs sealing, but stains are possible, so prompt clean-up is a good idea.

  • Clean regularly.  Use a sponge and water for daily clean-ups, then dry with a soft cloth or paper towel to prevent spotting, especially in areas with hard water.  Avoid contact with strong or abrasive cleaners and solvents.  It's generally recommended that cleaning and drying be done in a circular motion.

  • Solid surface sinks.  Run cold water when pouring hot liquids into the sink.  Allow hot objects to cool first.  Don't pour harsh chemicals into the sink.  Avoid dropping heavy objects.

  • Stain & scratch removal.  Check manufacturer's instructions.

  • Manufacturer's recommendations.   Although we have provided general guidelines, always follow the manufacturer's care and maintenance instructions for the brand you select.  This link provides one example: Solid Surface Care & Maintenance

Over time your solid surface will reflect how you clean and maintain it.  It will last for many years with simple care.




See Solid Surface Choices

To see the many options for colors and patterns available to you, please click on the names of our suppliers below.  That will take you directly to their on-line displays where you can view the selections they carry. 

After you have chosen some colors that you like, we invite you to stop by our showroom to check out a few samples.  You're welcome to take them home with you for several days to study them at your leisure.


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