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Edge Profiles


We offer a wide choice of edge profile styles to achieve the special look and effect you desire.  The edge profile is the finished edge of the countertop that helps define your style. 

To achieve a finished edge, we shape and polish the exposed surface into the shape you have selected.  Our state-of-the-art computerized equipment ensures consistency and precision. 

Different edge profiles may be used depending on the material you select and the intended application.  We can advise you appropriately.



Ogee laminated edge
in "Green Crema Bordeaux" granite





Standard edge in solid surface



Standard Edge

Our standard edge is 1/8" Eased.  It works well with virtually any style of decor and presents a beautiful and substantial appearance.

Standard edge in "Cedar Beige" granite






Above:  Ogee edge in LG Viatera "Oahu" quartz
Below:  Full Bullnose in CaesarStone "Carmel" quartz


Upgraded Edges

Upgraded edges offer the opportunity to incorporate a special style into your project.  Several lovely choices are available.

In addition to their beauty, certain edge profiles can have practical advantages.  For example, rounded edges can reduce risk of chipping, particularly on stone and stone composites such as quartz.

Upgraded edge in solid surface




Custom Edges

Custom edge designs can add excitement to your project. 

A unique edge design we created for a kitchen island is shown in the photo at the right.  One of our clients brought us a magazine photo she liked, but she wanted it adapted to her own application which incorporated special corbels.  We studied the corbels and created a design that complements their shape and dimensions. 

Our client is thrilled, and so are we!  We're thrilled because we were able to assist a client in achieving her vision.  To us, there is no greater satisfaction.




Ogee Edge on Full Bullnose Edge
 in CaesarStone "Carmel" quartz




A wide variety of edges are displayed below that include standard, upgraded, and "custom" profiles.  During the design process, we'll go over all the various options based on the material you've selected, including upgraded and custom choices you may wish to consider.



1/8" Eased


3/16" Eased


3/8" Eased






Full Bullnose


Half Bullnose


Demi Bullnose


1/8" Bevel


1/4" Bevel


3/8" Bevel






Radius Ogee






Rock Pitch


Flat Polished





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