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Overhang Options


Countertop overhangs are a critical element of your design.  Picking overhangs of the right size can have an enormous impact on the functionality of your cabinetry.

There are standard overhangs, but what is "standard" varies depending on the circumstances.

Extended overhangs are larger than standard, and may require additional support.

Custom overhangs offer a wonderful opportunity to create breakfast bars or additional workspace, if your floorplan allows for it.

At Quality in Counters, we've got lots of experience on what works well, and we're happy to share our recommendations with you!



Standard front & side edge overhangs.
Custom extended breakfast bar overhang.



Standard front-edge overhang on cabinets with overlay doors.
The same size overhang is used on the peninsula's side
because it also has drawers/doors.



The standard overhang for countertop front edges is generally 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" for cabinets with overlay doors.  Unless your overlay doors are very thick, we recommend not exceeding 1-3/4" for your front-edge countertop overhang.

Cabinets with inset doors can sometimes have as little as a 1" overhang.

Exposed side edges of cabinetry normally have an overhang of about 3/4".  Exceptions are when you have doors or drawers on the sides (for example on an island or peninsula) or when heavy mouldings are used.  In those situations, a bigger overhang is appropriate.





Extended overhangs can vary considerably in size. 

Depending on the amount of overhang you'd like, your countertop may require additional support.  Sometimes it's possible to extend an overhang up to as much as 12" without requiring additional support, but this varies. 

The amount of additional support required, if any, is determined by your design and by the weight of the material you're using. 

Please consult with us for advice about overhang amounts and supports that may be needed.


Extended overhang
LG HI-MACS "Cocoa" solid surface

In a very real sense, every extended overhang is a custom overhang.   It can be designed virtually any way you want.

Maybe you'd like to create a workspace at the end of the counter.  Or perhaps you'd like a breakfast bar supported by base cabinets or table legs.

Another option is to slightly extended the overhang for decorative purposes.  These sometimes are accompanied by architectural brackets or corbels that give the illusion of support.

Slightly extended overhangs on a cabinet side edge provide the opportunity to use more rounded radius corners.  This can be particularly beneficial on countertops in high-traffic areas.   

If a custom extended overhang appeals to you, we can help you design one to meet your needs.


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