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Corner Options



Quality in Counters will assist you in selecting the best corner radius for your project.

The "radius" refers to the sharpness of the angle that forms the corner.  A somewhat rounded radius is best for exposed corners.  It creates a beautiful appearance and adds to safety, particularly in high-traffic areas.




Standard 1/4" Corner Radius in "Serra" granite




Standard 1/4" Corner Radius in
Samsung Staron "Pebble Saratoga" solid surface
(90 Degree Radius Corner used where counter meets backsplash)





Standard Corners

For exposed countertop corners, our Standard 1/4" Radius is generally ideal.  It works well with all materials and provides a superb aesthetic line.

For practical reasons, a 90 degree radius corner is routinely used on the countertop edge where it meets a backsplash or wall.








Custom Corners

Custom corner radius designs can add versatility and interest to your project.  For a standard 1-1/2" countertop overhang, the maximum radius that can be used is the 1" radius (see below). 

A custom corner design we created is shown in the photo at the right.  The kitchen's base cabinets were bumped out at a certain location, so we designed the countertop's corners to gracefully integrate with the cabinet line.




Custom corner design in CaesarStone "Carmel" quartz




Below are displayed a variety of edges that are available.  During the design process, we'll go over the various options based on the material you've selected and also discuss any custom designs you may want.



Standard 1/4" Radius


1/2" Radius


1" Radius


90 Degree Radius
(for edges meeting walls, backsplashes, etc.)





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